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News - Integrated Card Terminals with Great Merchant Rates

We are pleased to announce ShopTill-e has partnered with Paymentsense for providing integrated terminals to ShopTill-e ePOS customers with great merchant rates.

Why great inventory management is the key to a successful retail business

Why great inventory management is the key to a successful retail business

How connecting your customers, stock, sales and sales channels can take your retail operation to a new level

Take your retail business to a new level, connect your customers, stock & sales by using an all in one system

Want more from your Till or cash register?

Retailers understand they now want more from their Till or cash register than to just handle payments.

Parcel services on-demand - Send your parcels for only £2.99 or less*

Want a fantastic deal when sending your parcels this Christmas time? *Use our unique discount code ShopTill-e10 and save a further 10% when you pay

Need to work with different price lists? Sell products at different prices to different customers and groups

Do you need to be able to sell your products to both retail customers and the trade and even operate multiple unique price lists for different customers?

How does multichannel retailing benefit both merchants and customers?

There are now more ways to shop than ever before, customers aren’t just buying from one sales channel anymore, they now have the freedom to shop everywhere.

How can Google My Business help my retail business and SEO efforts?

These days searches are being heavily driven by smartphones and with local search results appearing for people who search for businesses and places near their location, it’s important that your local business appears in those local search results to maximise your selling potential.

Recent Survey - Are you happy with your current ecommerce platform?

Recent survey of online retailers said many were not happy with their current ecommerce platform

What is Webrooming? An opportunity for retail businesses

'Webrooming' - Take advantage of changing consumer behaviour

What is Multichannel Retailing?

What is multichannel retailing? Multichannel retailing is the ability to promote and sell products across a variety of channels such as sell in-store, via an online shop, sell on Internet marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and Tesco, etc.

Tips to help you choose a retail ePOS till system

The electronic point of sale system (ePOS) you decide on, will be more than just a cash register that processes payments from your customers. Get it right, and a good EPOS will help you increase sales by reporting information on overall sales, provide data on your best selling products, improve stock management efficiency, and provide product information for sales staff.

Is ShopTill-e right for your retail business?

As the online market continues to grow, retail businesses across all industries are having to adapt to the current climate in order to stay relevant.

Benefits of Cloud based ePOS System and Online Shop Builder

Benefits of the Cloud for retailers? ShopTill-e is a cloud based retail ePOS & online shop builder, the all-in-one retail platform. Try free for 14 days.

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