Why you should make your ecommerce website checkout as simple as possible

The ecommerce checkout system can be a real weakness for a lot of ecommerce platforms......

According to a recent study the average eCommerce website can lose over 75% of its sales to cart abandonment. That means that on average, three out of every four customers put items into their basket and never make it past your checkout. That’s an incredibly high number - and if you could stop users from leaving your online shop, your sales could triple.

One of the ways that you can reduce cart abandonment is by making your online checkout as simple, easy and as streamlined as possible.

Why are simple checkouts better for your online business?

A simple checkout system is easier for your customers to use.

They take out complicated and unnecessary steps, giving your users only the bare essentials they need to complete a sale. And when your customers don’t feel like they have to jump through hoops to buy something, they’ll be more inclined to buy.

Take a look at Amazon as an example. Their standard checkout system is a simple process. Enter your delivery address, payment information and select your shipping. That’s it, you’re ready to buy. But, to make the process even easier, Amazon will also pre-fill out this information for you if you’ve purchased from them before. So, you just have to check it’s right. Or, you could bypass the system entirely with their one-click buy now button, showing just how simpler checkouts make it easier for the customer.

How can you make your checkout system more user-friendly?

Think about the steps and processes you’ve got in place and think - are they really necessary for your online shop?

Let’s use creating an account as an example, this is a great benefit for your business and can also be a great benefit for those customers that have already created an account. For example when they make those important repeat purchases, let it pre-fill their details automatically, saving them time and making the buying process easy for them.

And for new customers, don't make them sign up for an account 'before' putting their order through. By creating the account 'whilst' their details are being added saves any duplication by the customer, again making it easy and simple for that important sale.

However, it's best not to assume that everyone will want to create an account. There will be users who, for one reason or another, will want to skip this aspect, so give your customers this choice to skip the 'create an account' step in your checkout system.

Are you looking for a simple checkout for your online business?

With the ShopTill-e.com ecommerce checkout, it's been created to make it simple and easy for your customers to purchase their products. It provides you with all the tools you need to successfully run your ecommerce shop , that is cost-effective and saves both you and the customer time.

But that's not all - in this multi-channel selling world, as well as an ecommerce shop, it can also combine with a point of sale system (epos system ) all in one, easy to use system.

ShopTill-e.com is the perfect solution for your online and in-store sales. It's fully featured and allows you to manage everything in one place such as inventory management, customer and order management, shipping, returns and much more, plus the ability to sell multi-channel.

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