Why it's time to upgrade your legacy point of sale to a cloud POS system

Traditionally, businesses would store all of their prices and transactional records on a local server or computer system that can only be accessed from a single device or exclusively on the premises of the business.

As technology has advanced and consumers shopping habits have changed, many retailers are upgrading to cloud point of sale (POS) systems, to make selling fast and stock control easy.

Let's take a look at why it's time to leave your legacy point of sale POS behind and invest in a modern, cloud-based point of sale POS system.

What is a cloud point of sale system?

You will most likely have heard the term 'cloud' before, but may not be sure of what it means. Put simply, the 'cloud' is simply the internet. Any 'cloud-based system' is just a platform that stores and processes all of the required information online, rather than saved on a physical device.

Why use a cloud POS system?

In today's world, keeping your business up to date with modern ways of working is crucial to maintain growth. Here are just some of the benefits of updating your POS system:-

1 - A cloud POS system can support a seamless shopping experience

There's no denying that consumer shopping habits have changed and that this change will continue in a post-pandemic world. 

By no means is the high street dead, it just needs to adapt to the new ways of shopping and embracing multichannel retailing is the best bet for surviving the new era of shopping, and a cloud POS allows you to do just that.

While traditional till systems are fixed to your retail location, a cloud pos system can be accessed anywhere on any device and are compatible with contactless card readers.

This allows you to take your sales off the shop floor and wherever your clients are. From pop-up shops and markets to industry events and collaborations with other businesses, you're no longer tethered to your main location, allowing you to get out there and introduce your products to new customers.

2 - A cloud POS system supports fast, quick payments

A cloud POS system can support contactless integrated payments and that means safe, accurate, fast card transactions.

There's no need for manual input or extra record-keeping into a separate system, you can take payments through one convenient, fully integrated payment system, as well as being able to email customer receipts, which gives a fast, seamless experience that customers have now come to expect.

3 - Easy POS set up and automatic updates

Rather than dealing with the hassle of a lengthy set-up process that involves engineers coming out and lots of set-up fees, cloud pos systems are ready to go relatively easily. 

There's usually a quick call or online form to get started, what's more, cloud pos systems often have a free trial period, which allows you to see how it works for your business before deciding to go ahead with that system.

You can enter all the information yourself, making it super easy to update prices and information across all devices at the beginning and going forward. After that, any updates to the system will all be automatically taken care of for you, freeing up time for either yourself or your IT manager. 

These modern point of sale systems are built for growth, making it super easy to not only keep them future-proofed with the latest technologies, but they can easily expand and grow with your business needs.

4 - Become a multichannel retailer and have a single customer view

As cloud pos systems are hosted online and use up to date technology, they allow you to tailor them to suit the needs of your business and having a single customer view where all of your customers' data is stored in one easy to digest place, can make multi-channel retailing easier.

For example, by having a cloud POS system that automatically works with your online shopmeans you can easily process and manage sales from all your sales channels, as well as creating a seamless experience for shoppers so they can shop however they like.

And importantly, keeps your inventory in sync in real-time across all your sales channels, so you know what's selling, when and where.

5 - Store all your data in an ultra-secure way

When you rely on a computer or hard drive to store all of that precious POS data, you run the risk of a big loss if something were to happen to that device. On the other hand, cloud systems are all stored online, so if your device breaks, all you need to do is log on via another device and no data will have been lost. 

Of course, there are lots of security measures in place to help prevent fraudulent activity on other devices too.

Is it time to upgrade your legacy till to a modern, cloud POS system?

Cloud POS systems are designed to help high street businesses thrive by giving them more flexibility in how they trade, free up time by taking on some of those regular admin tasks, and makes sales fast, easy and accurate.

If you're still struggling with an outdated point of sale system, till or cash register, it might be time to look into the world of cloud POS.

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