How connecting your customers, stock, sales and sales channels can take your retail operation to a new level

Managing stock is a constant thorn in the side of retailers, not to mention keeping track of products, customers and sales.

Want easy management of all your inventory, figures and customers?

If you're using Excel spreadsheets to manage stock and reconciling it all with sales figures from a standalone cash register, till or antiquated ePOS system you could be making life very hard for yourself. In today's retail environment, who needs that?

If you had one easy to use inventory management system that automatically linked your sales and stock, no matter how you're selling it ie in your retail shop, online, pop-up, eBay, Amazon etc, think of the time you could save. No more emergency stocktakes, no more matching up figures in spreadsheets and chasing down errors.

Work on your retail business, not in it

What could you do with that extra time?

Devise an incentive scheme to encourage repeat visits? Analyse sales to find out what trends you're benefitting from? Create different price lists for different groups of customers?

With ShopTill-e you'll gain that time and the comprehensive, combined retail system will make achieving all those things easy.

Manage your online shop and retail outlet, from anywhere

The retail system links to the cloud so that you can keep an eye on your retail business at any time, as long as you have a connection. Being able to analyse your ecommerce sales, retail performance, manage your inventory and check stock, when you're away from your shop, means you can make more effective use of your time.

Sell even without an internet connection

How about those important offline sales for when you're out at a market, festival, event or exhibition?

You can still accept all those sales and the epos system will synchronise as soon as you get back to an internet connection.

Works seamlessly, synchronises across all sales channels

With all your products, sales, stock and customers in one place, there are no more errors when copying figures from one place to another.

You can analyse your retail performance, from all your sales channels ie shop, ecommerce, stall, in ways that would have taken far too long in the past, meaning you can innovate with products or pricing.

Multichannel retailing made easy - there's so much more ....

To find out how ShopTill-e could transform your retail business, try it out for 14 days without charge or obligation.

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