Stock and inventory management software
Keep on top of your stock, always

Ensure complete inventory awareness across your point of sale and online shop

Save precious time, say no to tedious admin tasks and duplicate entries. Just add your products once and see them instantly in both your ePOS till system and online shop.

With the ePOS system and online shop seamlessly integrated, you know what's hot and what's not, and when restocking is needed.

As each sale is made, whether in-store or online, stock levels are automatically updated in real-time - no more guesswork, no more manual adjustments, so you can focus on what truly matters, growing your business.

ShopTill-e-inventory management
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Know exactly how many items you have sold and what's in stock

Track stock individually for each and every product variant across your ShopTill-e ePOS system and online shop.

Get low stock alerts, set your alert threshold on a per product basis and receive an emailed daily report.

The stock replenish report shows what’s been sold, in a time period, so shelves are restocked promptly.

ShopTill-e inventory management software

Make stock re-ordering a breeze

Automatically create and build purchase orders for a supplier for easy stock re-ordering.

Fast search, click and instantly add products, with low stock, to a purchase order and link products to multiple suppliers.

Receive and track incoming stock, automatically update stock holdings, ability to add notes against discrepancies.

ShopTill-e stock management software

Have multiple outlets and locations?

ShopTill-e multi-outlet ePOS allows business owners to run and manage multiple different stock locations and outlets.

Oversee inventory and stock levels across all your outlets in one central location.

Easily monitor stock levels for each shop and transfer items from one location to another if needed.

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ShopTill-e multi-outlet epos system software


ShopTill-e's centralised inventory management keeps everything in one place.

Run and manage all your stock and sales, in-store and online, with just one system. The cloud inventory software allows you to oversee from anywhere, keeping you in the loop, no matter where you are.

All the ShopTill-e features are included in the low monthly fee.

Multi-channel selling is made easy with the combined ePOS system and ecommerce platform with real-time inventory management.


No credit card needed and no obligation.
No set-up fees, no cancellation fees, no hooked-in contracts.

What our customers say

  • "What I like about the system is that it's easy to input new stock and get a product on our website within minutes of it arriving.
    Then as stock sells through we can replenish easily as we know how many we are looking for, and don't waste time looking for things we don't know we have."

  • Since we have been working with ShopTill-e, we have transformed our stock management and reconnected with our multiple web stores and third party sites including eBay and Amazon all from one easy to use system at a fraction of the previous costs.

  • We can not recommend ShopTill-e enough, they’re the perfect fit for our business and genuinely great to deal.

ShopTill-e all-in-one retail system

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