Why have ePOS integrated payments?

ePOS integrated payments are fast becoming one of the key considerations for shop owners. 

Whether your retail business is freshly started or has been established for years, multichannel payment solutions are now becoming a foundational element of the way retailers take and treat customer payments.

With the world possibly permanently reshaped from the Coronavirus pandemic, they're becoming even more important.

What are ePOS integrated payments?

ePOS integrated payments lets your ePOS Till talk to your credit card machine directly, instantly and securely.  

That means all the customer payments your shop handles are transacted completely through your point of sale system for easier, faster and simpler sales. 

There's no need for manual input or extra record-keeping into a separate system - all of the transactions are processed through one convenient and fully integrated payment system.

Why are ePOS integrated payments important?

ePOS integrated payments offer retailers the chance to dramatically cut the time it takes to process payments. This offers benefits for you as a shop owner, as you will be able to process more sales.

The benefits are there for your customers, too - particularly in a time when the pandemic is still rife. Lockdowns are easing all over the world, but shoppers are still wary of spending too much time in any physical stores.

ePOS integrated payments can considerably cut the time it takes to process each sale, meaning social distancing and minimal contact can be more easily observed.

This means you can improve the confidence with which your customers can shop with you. It's a difficult time for all shop owners, and that means anything you can do to improve customer confidence and ultimately increase your sales is going to be a wise investment.

There are also many other benefits of an ePOS integrated payments, including the lower risk of mistakes resulting from human error, the increased security with which you can process your customer card payments, and easy end of day cash-ups with easier reporting as everything is quickly reconciled and just adds up, so everyone goes home on time.

Making the right investment

There has never been a better time to invest in an ePOS integrated payments, tailored to the needs of your shop. 

The benefits are considerable, and as the ShopTill-e ePOS is already fully integrated with Paymentsense, there's no need to worry about additional costs to make the systems talk.  

Happier customers, healthier profits

We're here to help you, contact us and we'll arrange for a Paymentsense expert to contact you and discuss what you'd like for your retail outlet.

What ShopTill-e ePOS customers say...

"I wanted to thank you for the Paymentsense recommendation. I have now swapped providers and have my new terminal up and running. It seems a lot more reliable than my previous terminal and the fees are a lot more competitive. The Paymentsense team were really helpful and the set-up process a breeze!  Couldn't be more happy."

Help and support from our ePOS experts

And if you need support getting started, such as setting up your ShopTill-e.com ePOS and shop, taking payments, uploading products, organising promotions, shipping, returns & exchanges, reporting, ePOS hardware choices, selling multi-channel and more, that's no problem, our ePOS experts are on-hand.

With a free 14 day trial of ShopTill-e, no credit card is needed, and there's no obligation, try ShopTill-e today and see what it can do for your retail business or book a demo with one of our epos experts.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

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