How can you reduce costs at this time? Is it time to change?

Almost every day we are seeing the effect of government announcements and measures in the battle against the spread of the Coronavirus and with social distancing what options are available to retailers to help with the lower footfall that is naturally occurring?

Being a retailer in the current environment is not easy, however one thing that is in your control is the ability to reduce costs.

But how can you do just that?

One way is to analyse what your current retail systems cost. What is your current set up?  Do you use and pay for more than one system to run and manage your inventory, point of sale and eCommerce website?

Do your existing systems charge you extra for plug-ins and additional elements like the number of products, email stationery, multi-users, promotions, click and collect, etc? 

All of this may be costing you extra money when it doesn't have to.

Is it time for a change?

Have you considered ShopTill-e all-in-one retail system? You don't need to run multiple systems as ShopTill-e does it all for you - inventory, in-store and online sales.

For an amazingly low monthly fee of just £60 plus vat per month, ShopTill-e will power and manage your retail shop and eCommerce website with the combined ePOS and ecommerce system.

What does it include? 

  • A very low and affordable ‘all-in’ cost - there are no extras for things like website hosting, security, support etc as this is all included.
  • You get unlimited users/cashiers/managers and unlimited ePOS / Till points for your retail outlet. 
  • If you have more retail outlets at different locations you can add extra outlets for just £35 per month and each outlet will have unlimited users/cashiers/managers and unlimited ePOS / Till points.
  • Fully featured eCommerce website, you get access to all the eCommerce selling features from day one.
  • Multi websites option - publish and manage multiple different eCommerce websites from one ShopTill-e account - add extra eCommerce websites for just £35 per month includes website hosting, security, support etc.
  • Sell on eBay, Amazon and more with the Marketplace integration*.
  • Central catalogue where you manage your products, promotions, inventory and more, so you only add everything once - there's no duplication as it's all stored in your central catalogue.
  • All fully-featured, there are no additional costs for extra features, you get access to everything!

Flexible retailing

With ShopTill-e powering your retail business you have the flexibility to offer services like click and collect which can be important at this time, as your customers will be able to buy online and ‘pop-in’ to collect their necessary items, limiting contact.

And should you wish to change the way you do business and only sell in our shop or only sell online you can do that - just change your plan to sell online only or sell in-store only for just £35.00 plus vat per month and move back to the all-in-one when it's right for you, meaning it can grow with you at your pace. 

ShopTill-e is a cloud-based system and this means you can access your retail business anytime and from anywhere you have an Internet connection, giving you greater flexibility to work from different locations if needed.

How much would you save by moving to ShopTill-e?

Why not talk to one of our specialists about how ShopTill-e can help you save time, money and give you more flexibility which is really important at this time.

We are UK based so you can call us today on 0845 6171117 or book a demo   or try ShopTill-e free for 14 days.

*marketplace integration is included in the ShopTill-e all-in-one cost although Channel Unity will have their own fees. 

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