Why should I consider ShopTill-e?

Retailers can no longer afford to just sell through one channel. Consumers want a seamless shopping experience whether they buy online or instore.

Over the recent Black Friday weekend, 89.7m US shoppers bought multichannel compared to 34.7m instore only and 41.4m online only.

So how do I sell multichannel?

Using a different system or platform for each sales channel is obviously time consuming.

Stock control can be challenge, if you sell a product through one channel it also needs to update on the other sales channel too, which either means a manual process or an expensive integration.

Another element is reporting, as it may only provide you with reports for each channel and won’t necessarily tell you the complete story across all your sales channels.

ShopTill-e can help with all the above, it’s the perfect retail solution for most small and medium sized retailers and we've put together some points to help you make an informed decision about the benefits of ShopTill-e for your own business.

You choose how and where to sell your products

Seamless shopping is what the consumer wants and the ShopTill-e platform is an incredibly flexible system, it has to be in this modern, retail world. 

You only need to add your products once and then you are able to sell seamlessly :-

  •  in your retail shop or face-to-face using the ePOS (point of sale system) 
  •  online with the ecommerce system 
  •  or through eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc with the marketplace integration

There is no double entry of products, ShopTill-e automatically synchronises, across all your sales channels, keeping your stock uptodate and providing valuable sales reports about what’s selling, what’s not, how and when, across all your sales channels.

However, we recognise that selling multi-channel is a progression and you may not be ready to sell multi-channel just yet, but you want the peace of mind of knowing that the system you use will be ready to grow, when you are.

So if you want to sell in-store now and add ecommerce later, or vice versa, you can.

Choose from :-

Low cost, straight-forward pricing - no additional plugins – you get everything!

With ShopTill-e you get all the features included in each plan - ShopTill-e doesn't charge for additional plug-ins or additional features.

We found with some systems you needed an upgraded plan to sell more products, or an additional plugin to have the discount system or ability to sell gift vouchers card or get support, but at ShopTill-e we want you to be up and running, with everything, as quickly as possible.  The more successful you are, the better! 

  • Epos - just £35 per month.
  • Ecommerce - just £35 per month.
  • Multi-channel – combined epos and ecommerce with marketplace integration* just £60 per month.

Just because it’s low cost, doesn’t mean it’s not sophisticated! 

Running a retail business has its challenges and we want to provide you with the retail platform that will make your retail journey as easy as possible, including all the features that helps you manage and sell, cost effectively.

Keep control of stock over all your sales channels

Inventory management is so important and ShopTill-e will synchronise across all your sales channels ensuring that when you sell a product in-store it will automatically reflect online, so you always know where you are and stay in complete control.

You can view and assess all your stock easily, track and control customer returns and exchanges.

Features such as low stock alerts and stock replenish alerts, via email, will ensure you re-stock and never run out.

Epos (point of sale system) can work with your existing hardware

ShopTill-e ePOS works on a wide range of equipment such as your existing PC, tablet, laptop.

You may wish to have a professional POS set-up with all-in-one POS units, touch screens mounted on countertops, as well as industry standard receipt printers, barcode scanners and cash drawers and that’s ok – ShopTill-e ePOS can work with virtually any point of sale hardware (whereas with some other ePOS systems you are more limited to mPOS style hardware as their system only currently runs on tablet iOS).

Also ShopTill-e ePOS provides multi / unlimited Till points at no additional cost, as well as unlimited staff user accounts, at no additional cost.

Choose how you want your Ecommerce store to look

You can choose from a number of professionally designed ecommerce shops that are mobile friendly.

Your brand, your colours, your logo, your beautiful product photography, your call to actions and even live chat, can all be added using the simple back office area and making the ecommerce store your own and some great examples are https://www.florenceandamelias.co.uk  who sell gifts and home accessories, https://www.argosytoys.co.uk  for yes you guessed it toys and gifts and https://www.kissshoe.co.uk    for ladies shoes, boots and accessories.

Sell on Internet Marketplaces

ShopTill-e has a core system integration with ChannelUnity* and with a ChannelUnity account you can seamlessly sell on the Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Cleverboxes, Fruugo and Wayfair Internet Marketplaces. 

The integration synchronises your inventory and sales in real-time across your chosen marketplaces and products, so that changes in stock levels are updated and customer orders are imported into your ShopTill-e store, decreasing stock levels automatically across your sales channels.

Take payments easily

We've partnered with some of the major players in the market so you can start taking payments instantly.

ShopTill-e ecommerce integrates with both Stripe and Paypal, set up your account and start taking payment immediately.

And for your in-store and face to face sales, PaymentSense help businesseses take card payments and are always offering great rates and deals to merchants. For example this months offer is “Free terminal offer for all customers who are looking to switch from their current payment provider…“ with the aim to get you up and running in just three days.

With regards to transaction fees, ShopTill-e does not make any additional transaction charges for sales you make via your ShopTill-e ecommerce store or ePOS system - ShopTill-e does not charge any additional fees.

Customer loyalty, promotions and gift vouchers

Keeping your customers coming back time and again is always a challenge and with ShopTill-e, Loyalty Programmes can be created which are often a great tool which help customers feel special.

Customer groups with unique pricing, as well as product discounts, site wide discounts, bogoff and percentage discounts are all possible with the further benefits of them working across both your instore and online channels, offering a seamless approach for your customers.

Gift Vouchers can be sold and redeemed across both your retail and online shop.

Ability to provide Click and Collect

Consumers regularly want the ability to purchase online and pick up from store (60% on occasion 28% regularly) and you can take advantage of this valuable feature along with a number of other shipping and delivery options.

Cloud – what does that really mean and how does it help me?

It means that your data and store is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and that’s its great strength. You can view and monitor your store and information in real-time, with sales and transaction history, ability to view best-selling products, manage discounts and promotions, customer details and much more, enabling you to run your retail business as efficiently as possible.

There’s no software to install or download and storage space for data can be expanded as needed, allowing you to grow.

Access to the latest technology is another great bonus and rather than having to pay for new updates or install the latest software versions, ShopTill-e is automatically updated, meaning you are always on the newest version.

Fast to market

You can be up and running the same day and if you need help or support we’re there to help you set up and manage your retail business.

Support, we’re here to help you

Another important factor is our support, we're here to help you.

We have a UK office, with a UK telephone number and provide UK support. We are experts in retail and ecommerce and are a friendly team who will always take the time to help as we want to do all we can to support you to make a success of your retail business.

If you have any questions or need help in your retail journey such as setting up your ShopTill-e store, taking payments, multi-channel selling, uploading products, adding an image, reporting, shipping, hardware choices and more - that's no problem - just call us, email us or use the live chat on our website.

That’s not all, try before you buy, 

It’s impossible to list all the features in this blog, but hopefully we’ve answered a few of your questions.

To help you even further you can try the ShopTill-e system Free for 14 days , we’re sure you will like what you see.

You do not need to enter your credit card details, only once you’re happy to proceed when the 14 day trial has expired, will we ask for your details, keeping you in complete control.

Are you ready to embrace ShopTill-e for multichannel retailing?

As retail grows increasingly competitive, ShopTill-e is the perfect retail solution to the growing demand from your customers, providing you with all the tools you need to sell multi-channel successfully, as well as improving your bottom line with its ease of use and the cost effective plans.

Try ShopTill-e for free for 14 days or book a demo  to explore the benefits of this retail platform for your business.

*prices are subject to vat at the standard rate, marketplace integration is through Channel Unity and they charge £15.00 per month and 1% of marketplace sales.

No set-up fees | No cancellation fees | Fixed pricing | Pay-as-you-go billing | No long term contracts | Switch packages or cancel anytime

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