What is Multichannel Retailing?

The ability to sell online, sell in-store, sell on Internet marketplaces

Multichannel retailing is the ability to promote and sell products across a variety of channels such as sell in-store, sell via an online shop, sell on Internet marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, etc.

Multichannel retailing allows a merchant to reach out to a wider base of prospective customers by offering customers a choice of ways to purchase their products which in turn helps to maximise revenue and loyalty, by giving customers convenience and a choice of where to buy.

Online shoppers want a seamless shopping experience

Online shoppers no longer purchase from just one sales channel, they now want and have the freedom to shop everywhere - online, instore, on marketplaces.  Because of this change in consumer behaviour, it’s important for retail businesses to provide the shopping journey that meets their customers’ expectations.

Retail businesses who have been able to create a seamless shopping experience for their customer, that integrates the different shopping channels, have gained significant customer loyalty by answering their customers’ needs and ensuring customers keep coming back.

For example according to a recent study multichannel shoppers shop more often and will spend over 3 times more than a single channel shopper.

Multi-channel retailing provides a competitive advantage

Also the relationship between in-store shopping and online shopping has become more interconnected. Research has found that consumers, will often, carry out research via the online shop first, before going in-store to make their purchase, meaning it's more important than ever to have a seamless approach for your customers to buy and in turn they will reap the benefit.

Be consistent

If you are utilising multiple sales channels it's important to ensure the message across all your sales channels is the same and has the same look and feel so that it is clearly relateable.  If not a user may be confused by what they see, which in turn will affect the confidence they have in you the merchant, which could potentially mean a lost sale.

Integrating back-end operations as well as front-end customer experiences

If you have different systems for different sales channels it can be a very complex and challenging minefield running your retail business. Also trying to get each sales channels to talk to one another can be increasingly difficult, so it's important to have a retail platform that delivers a seamless integration of all sales channels and makes it easy for you to run your business.

By using a combined point of sale system (ePOS system) and ecommerce platform means you can get on top of both in-store and online sales. Being able to manage your stock easily and see where you are with stock across all your sales channels, as well as the ability to replenish your stock, get your products to market quickly and manage your customers, all via one system, will allow you to become an efficient multi-channel retailer enabling your retail business to thrive.

How can ShopTill-e help you?

ShopTill-e has been created for retail businesses to take advantage of the variety of ways to sell, easily. It takes away the headache of running multiple systems by providing one central hub that synchronises and powers all the sales channels, whether you sell online, sell in-store or sell on marketplaces, making it easier for you to offer a seamless shopping experience for your customers, as well as easily managing your retail shop and ecommerce business.

Try ShopTill-e free for 14 days

You can try ShopTill-e free for 14 days.

If you're not quite ready for the full multichannel retailing world you can start with just one sales channel such as the online shop builder or the ePOS till system and when you're ready to grow you can switch to the all-in-one multichannel plan as and when you want to.

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