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multichannel retailing with ShopTill-e

With the ShopTill-e retail platform you can sell on Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Cleverboxes, Fruugo, Wayfair and more.

ShopTill-e has partnered with ChannelUnity and it's fully integrated with their marketplace platform to take away the headache of running multiple systems, making it easy for you to sell multichannel.

  • Instant set-up, ability to start selling on the Internet marketplaces today
  • Products and changes made in your catalogue are pushed in real-time to the marketplaces
  • No duplication needed, ability to manage all your products, product listings, inventory, marketplace orders and customers from one central point
  • Stock is synchronised across your sales channels; your ShopTill-e online shop, ePOS and Marketplace accounts are all in sync
  • Easy management, all sales and orders from all your sales channels are synced to your ShopTill-e account meaning everything is in one place
  • True multichannel retailing, ability to reach more customers, meaning more sales

What our customers say

  • “The marketplace integration has allowed us to add our products onto online marketplaces with ease, whilst syncing live stock levels to ensure accuracy across the platforms. With sales coming in from multiple sources, the ability to manage all sales has been hugely beneficial, saving us time and creating a more streamlined approach to sales management."

Selling on Internet marketplaces gives you the ability to reach even more customers and sell more

How does the ShopTill-e Marketplace integration work?

With the ShopTill-e marketplace integration you're able to sell your products via your choice of marketplaces, whether that's Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Wayfair or more.

You choose which products you want to sell and where. Your ShopTill-e product catalogue will push the products you wish to sell, to your choice of marketplaces.

There's no need to enter your products twice or re-write any descriptions, saving you time and effort.

Multi-channel retailing is made easy with ShopTill-e

Take away the headache of keeping multiple retail systems. ShopTill-e will help you run and manage your online and in-store sales with its combined ecommerce and epos system.

ShopTill-e seamlessly synchronises your products, sales and inventory across all your chosen sales channels keeping everything uptodate in real-time no matter where you sell.

As sales are made, changes in stock levels are automatically updated across your ecommerce shop, ePOS and marketplaces making it easy to stay in control and run your retail business.

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With instant set-up, no upfront costs, no cancellation fees and no long term contracts you can be up and running in minutes.

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Remember with ShopTill-e there are no set-up fees, no cancellation fees and no long-term contracts.

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