3 big reasons why retailers need a multi-channel retail system to sell in-store and sell online, efficiently and cost-effectively

As a small or medium-sized retail business, being visible to your customers is paramount to the success of your business, and if you want to be in with a chance of competing with the major players or smaller niche brands, you need to make shopping with you, as appealing and easy as possible, for your customers.

One way of doing this is to have a bricks and mortar shop where your potential customers will be shopping and a professional ecommerce website that enhances your brand and promotes your products to browsing and buying customers, as well as any other relevant channels that your target audience visits such as Instagram, Facebook, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc.

But, if you're a sole trader, have only a small number of staff or even have multiple outlets, tackling all this can seem like a lot to take on, managing your online as well as your physical store.

A simple solution is to use a multi-channel retail system, and let it do most of the work for you!

Here we outline three big reasons why, as a retailer, you need a multi-channel retail system to sell efficiently and cost-effectively.

1 - Streamline your retail selling and processes

With a multi-channel retailing system you only need to input your products into the system once.

All the data is run and managed in the central hub which saves a huge amount of time and effort, so that when you update a price it will automatically reflect in your ePOS (point of sale system) and your ecommerce store .  

So no more wasting time updating separate systems, which means you can get on with running your business and selling the products you love.

2 - Efficient inventory control

Managing a multi-channel inventory might seem daunting, but with a multi-channel retail system such as ShopTill-e, it’s easy.

When stock is added and sales are made, your total inventory is automatically updated and is reflected across all sales channels, such as your epos till and your online shop.

Again, this saves time but also importantly means you don’t oversell, which keeps your customers happy.

3 - Improved business visibility and better product performance insights

Retailers can generate huge amounts of information which is often held across several different systems such as spreadsheets, your inventory management system,  your ecommerce website, your point of sale system etc.

This can make it difficult to analyse all aspects of your retail business as it can be disjointed across different systems.

However, with a multi-channel retail system, you can gain important insight as it's all connected and integrated within one central hub, allowing you to keep an eye and stay knowledgable about your retail business anywhere, anytime.

This means you can easily analyse your success, see what’s working and what’s not, make smart business decisions and make changes to adapt and transform your in-store and online selling.

How can ShopTill-e help?

ShopTill-e is the best all-in-one retail system specifically created to meet the needs of small and medium-sized retailers.

It's one retail system that saves retailers valuable time, you only need to add your products once and you can sell everywhere; in-store, face-to-face, online.

What's more all the great features come as standard, meaning you can control costs and still get access to all the brilliant enterprise-levels features you need to sell successfully and grow your business.

As everything is in one place it's easy to oversee the whole of your business, what's selling, where and when.

If you want to save time, reduce costs, and transform your retail business, try it free for 14 daysbook your personalised demo or book a time to talk to one of our experts.

What our customers say

ShopTill-e has received 5 Star reviews from our customers.... ShopTill-e customer testimonials

"I wish I had come across this package from ShopTill-e when I 1st looked into integrating my bricks & mortar store into the digital age. It would of saved me a lot of time, financial waste and most of all the stress that comes with setting up this type of system. The team at ShopTill-e are available at the end of the phone which is so refreshing."

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