Want more from your Till or cash register?

Retailers understand they now want more from their Till or cash register than to just handle payments.

They want a retail system that will help them manage their sales and gather the relevant information to build customer relationships.

They want to know what product lines are most popular and they want the ability to set up offers and promotions, as well as sell and take gift vouchers.

They also want inventory management   and stock control, they want to know stock levels and be alerted when particular stock is running low so they can re-order when necessary and never run out.

This is where a modern ePOS system can really help retailers with the tools needed to compete in today's retail environment

Now is the perfect time to review your ePOS needs, but with so many options out there it's difficult to know what to choose. After listening to what our existing customers want we believe ShopTill-e delivers what a modern retailer needs, and we've put together a list to help you decide if the ShopTill-e ePOS till system  could be a good choice for your retail business.

The ShopTill-e ePOS system offers so much more than a traditional cash register:-

  • You don't need to buy expensive POS hardware, it can run on your existing laptop, ipad, mac, desktop, providing you with a sophisticated, modern Till
  • It provides an intuitive admin area where you can add, update and manage all your products easily
  • Add any sales and payments quickly via touch screen, keyboard or mouse or use a bar code scanner if you have one
  • If you haven't got wifi or a connection you can still log your payments and the ePOS system  will synchronise when you're back on line
  • Add any promotions and offers to drive more sales at peak promotional times
  • Also set up, sell and take gift vouchers with ease
  • Looking to grow and have more than one Till? That's ok, the system includes unlimited multi users as standard
  • It also provides multi logins to allow for several staff members, as well as effective staff management
  • The system is so intuitive, new and additional staff will find it a breeze to work with
  • Ability to provide e-receipts

And what about stock control?

ShopTill-e provides in-depth stock control functionality so you can keep on top of all your inventory management and stock. It provides a stock replenish feature so you know what's been sold in a particular time period and whether shelves need to be restocked as well as the ability to set low stock alerts.

And of course as well as all the above it's so important to be able to analyse your sales:-

  • View all your sales and profits easily
  • See sales in date and time range for different channels
  • View product sales reports and see your top selling products
  • Ability to enter product cost prices so that you can see profit margins
  • Get a stock replenish report that provides the ability to see what’s been sold in a time period to allow shelves to be restocked
  • Get low stock alerts, you can set your alert threshold on a per product basis and get a daily report emailed to you

Cloud-based ePOS System

ShopTill-e is a cloud based retail system  so you know it's being continually backed up and you can access it from anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection, giving you complete peace of mind.

And maybe you want to sell online and sell on-the-go too.... you can, it's not just an ePOS system

If you're looking for a modern, intuitive ePOS system for shop and on-the-go sales then ShopTill-e is perfect for you, however if you want to take things a step further ShopTill-e also includes a powerful ecommerce system and online shop builder so you can also manage all your online sales too.

By using ShopTill-e to power both offline and online sales it automatically synchronises across all sales channels meaning you only need to manage your sales, inventory, stock, customers, promotions etc through one central point, saving you time and ultimately money.

Designed for retailers in mind, growth is not a problem

So as you can see ShopTill-e has been designed with retailers in mind.

If you need to scale up as your business grows with additional till points, pop-ups or more sales channels, we have you covered.

A good ePOS system should make the running of your retail business easier, faster and more efficient. And if you want to expand ShopTill-e all in one retail system is a true multichannel platform giving you the freedom to sell more, manage effectively and grow without limitations.

Try ShopTill-e free for 14 days. or book a demo  with one of our experts to see how ShopTill-e can really benefit your business.

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