About Us

Experience counts, the team behind ShopTill-e have been working in retail and ecommerce for over 20 years.

We found a lot of selling platforms were either geared towards just point of sale or just ecommerce, however we recognised that consumers shopping behaviours and expectations were changing and for the merchant to maximise their selling potential they needed to utilise each selling channel.

But managing multiple systems for each sales channel meant the merchant was spending more time managing and less time selling - we wanted to reverse that and that’s when ShopTill-e was born – a multi-channel retail platform where the merchant can “spend less time managing and more time selling”.

The ShopTill-e platform is aimed at providing the merchant a central hub to manage their retail business from point of sale, to ecommerce to marketplaces so that they can expand and grow. And with the feedback we are receiving from our clients we are excited to see how their businesses are benefiting from using this system.

No set-up fees | No cancellation fees | Fixed pricing | Pay-as-you-go billing | No long term contracts | Switch packages or cancel anytime

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