Offering the right discounts and promotions to reward your loyal customers and entice new

With Black Friday and Christmas around the corner, you’ll be thinking and planning about offering the right promotions to reward your loyal customers and entice new.

We understand that retailers need to think strategically about what products to promote and the types of deals to offer, because as a small business, there's only so much money to discount from items without it eating into your bottom line. It's a fine balance to offer deals to the customer so they can save money, but you can still make money.

Whatever deal you are looking at promoting this time of year, ShopTill-e has you covered.

Here’s a reminder of the different promotional options you can choose:-

Promotions and Discounts 

Within ShopTill-e there is a range of different discounts and promotions that you can choose from.  

Easily create site-wide discounts or limit them to specific products or categories.  You can also set the start and end date.  You can choose:-

  • percentage discount
  • flat-rate discount
  • money off promotions
  • spend over amount and get a discount
  • buy one get one free (BOGOF)
  • or fixed price bundles e.g. 3 for £10.

Assign discounts gives you the flexibility to offer the right promotions to your customers at the right time

Offer Bundles

You can also ‘bundle’ individual products together and sell as a package.  You can sell collections or kits or bundles of products eg Gifts, Toys, Clothes – anything you may wish to sell as a complete offer.

Setting up Bundles is simple and allows you to track stock against the individual items and variants.

Customer groups like Loyal customers and Trade

At ShopTill-e we recognised the importance of being able to set your promotions and prices based on different customer groups for example :-

  • Loyal customer group
  • VIP group
  • Trade group
  • Etc

In ShopTill-e you have the ability to set up multiple customer groups and operate multiple price lists for your different customers. 

It’s simple for you to link your customers to a group and then when a customer logs in they will see their assigned specific pricing, whereas users who are not logged-in will see the standard retail selling price eg you can sell at retail prices to the public and at the same time operate a series of other unique price lists which only your trade customers can see.

This can also be achieved for your loyal customers, you may wish to run a loyalty discount or a VIP promotion code at certain times of year to reward these loyal customers to show your appreciation and keep them coming back.

Customer Groups can be set up and each group will have their own unique price list where you can set specific selling prices for each product and/or variant.

Special prices can be created for example you may have a Trade price list for a particular set of customers.

Advanced Pricing allows you to override your base product prices (including the prices associated with variants) for any customer groups you have set up. 

Loyalty Programme

Alternatively, you may wish to set up and run a Loyalty Programme for your VIP and loyal customers.

ShopTill-e will track the customers spending using the customer's Loyalty card number and will award them points based on their spend eg 1 point for each £1 that they spend with you. 

Within your ShopTill-e settings you can then set a percentage reward rate e.g. 5%.

So for example if a customer spends £100 with you they would collect 100 points and if you’ve set a 5% reward rate the 100 points would then give them a £5 discount (if all 100 points were to be redeemed for an order).

Gift Vouchers

Issue and track gift vouchers with a unique code, set an auto-expire date, and optionally assign to a registered customer. 

Gift Vouchers can also be part redeemed by simply scanning the bar code on the voucher at the checkout.  They are also redeemable both on your ecommerce website as well as in-store through your point of sale / ePOS

Be consistent

An important consideration is to be consistent with your promotions across your retail shop and your ecommerce website, as by offering different prices across your sales channels can often alienate your customers.

Multi-channel retailing the smart way

With the range and choices of promotions and discounts on offer using the ShopTill-e platform, you will be able to find the right promotions for your audience.

If you wish to discuss any of this further feel free to get in touch, we're happy to help.

ShopTill-e is a cutting-edge all-in-one retail system which combines an intuitive in-store ePOS till system with a fully featured ecommerce platform.  Our complete multi-channel selling solution also enables you to easily make sales on popular internet marketplaces, such as Amazon, eBay, Wayfair and Etsy, as well as Instagram and Facebook.

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