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Gift Vouchers

With ShopTill-e you can issue Vouchers to your customers that can be redeemed either fully or partially online or in store.

The Voucher code will be automatically generated and these can be printed with a barcode to allow these to be scanned at your counter/checkout. ShopTill-e will automatically track the amount redeemed and you can set an expiry date if you wish.

To add a Voucher click the 'Add gift voucher' button:

In the add Voucher screen simply enter an initial cash value/amount and also set the current value/amount (which will often be the same as the initial value), set an expiry date if you wish and also if you want to assign to a specific registered customer and finally set the voucher as active:

Once you've created vouchers you can print them, the unique code will be shown together with a barcode which you can scan into the ePOS system in a face to face retail transaction using your barcode scanner also the code can be redeemed online by the customer entering their vouchers code in your ecommerce / online shop checkout:

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