Is combining shop floor and ecommerce sales a smart decision?

Why should you consider combining your shop floor and ecommerce sales

For overworked small to medium-sized retailers, juggling a bricks and mortar outlet with an online shop can feel like an uphill battle.

Dividing time between both aspects of in-store and online sales can deliver a constant sense of robbing Peter to pay Paul and some retailers could be forgiven for focusing on just one sales channel.

And with the Internet being a fast moving and scary prospect, too often it’s their online presence that is neglected. After all, footfall on the shop floor and cash in the till can seem more "real" than ecommerce website traffic and SEO statistics, along with juggling stock levels across each sales channel.

However modern retail businesses can't afford to do adopt this attitude, because:

- 54% shopped multi-channel in the recent Black Friday weekend.

- 77% of adults have bought a product online. 

- in a recent PwC study 70% researched online and then bought in-store.

By using a combined point of sale system (ePOS system) and ecommerce system, you can get on top of both in-store and online sales. You can manage and replenish your stock easily, get your products to market quickly and become an efficient multi-channel retailer enabling your retail business to thrive.

Stock control and inventory management becomes more streamlined

The powerful ShopTill-e retail ePOS System totally replaces independently operating cash registers and eCommerce systems and provides inventory management across all your sales channels.

Stock and inventory management  is so much more streamlined when it's all managed under one umbrella, keeping you informed and keeping you in control.

You decide what products and where you want to sell. Whether it’s online through your ecommerce website, on eBay, Amazon, Etsy or in-store, face-to-face, or even a combination of all of these, with Shop your stock is continually updated so you know where you are and what needs to be replenished, ensuring you don’t run out.

Get comprehensive statistics and reports on the go

And of course, being a multi-channel retailing platform your sales channels are seamlessly updated. Your in-store, face-to-face and online sales, promotions, gift vouchers, stock levels and more, are all fully integrated and synchronised, relieving the juggling and saving you valuable time.

You also get comprehensive stats that you can access anywhere, any-time, to get a clear understanding of how each aspect of your retail company is functioning.

Combined EPOS system and Online Shop Builder - Free 14 day trial 

If a combined EPOS system  and eCommerce website sounds like something that could benefit your retail business, sign up for a free 14-day trial now or book a demo.

We have free UK-based support if you need any help to get up and running and also to help you every step of the way. We're confident you'll notice a difference immediately.

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