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AI Content Creator

Improve your workflow using the power of ShopTill-e AI Content Creator

ShopTill-e AI makes creating content a breeze, with the click of a button you can generate instant content for your blogs and products saving you valuable time and allowing you to improve your workflow.

In both 'Catalogue > Products' and 'Content > Blogs' you will see buttons labelled "Improve with AI" or "Generate with AI".

The "Improve with AI" button will rewrite the content you have entered e.g. a product name or a blog title.

The "Generate with AI" will use your entered product name and will generate the content for the product description that can be edited and tweaked before being put live.  And it will use your entered blog title and will automatically generate the content for a blog / article depending on your chosen word count.

Title - Improve with AI

With a blog title entered into the field click the "Improve with AI" button:

Title - AI Improved result

Within a second or so you will see an alternative the AI has created for you (including spelling corrections) click the button again as many times as you'd like for further alternatives:

Generate Content with AI:

The AI can write your entire blog content, click the Generate Content with AI button and the AI will use the title as the basis for a full article:

Select your writing style:

First select your preferred writing style you can set both formality and tone:

Edit/Approve blog Section Titles:

The AI will then suggest section titles for the article, you can edit/delete and/or reorder these as well as selecting the approximate length of the article:

AI-Generated Blog/Article:

Once complete your full article will be displayed, which you can edit to fine-tune and really make it your own:

Product Improve with AI:

As with blog content, ShopTill-e AI Content Creator can help you with your products, it can improve your product titles and product descriptions. For example, if you have just a few bullet points for your product description click the "Improve with AI" button and the AI will write you a full description using the bullets or if you prefer click the "Generate Product Description with AI" button and the AI will use the title to write the description:

AI-Generated Meta Tags:

Click the SEO tab and use 'Generate ALL Meta Fields with AI' button and the AI will use the product description and generate the meta tags for you or you can improve the existing meta content by clicking the button next to the field concerned:

AI Monthly Usage:

All ShopTill-e plans have an included free monthly AI usage allowance which you can view in 'Settings > Subscription'  this as well as the used amount used:

Select your AI Monthly Usage Plan:

Should you reach your included free AI usage you can opt into an increased monthly usage allowance plan:

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