Benefits of Cloud based ePOS System and Online Shop Builder

Why is cloud point of sale a good choice for retailers?

It sounds complicated but cloud technology is actually nothing more than normal computing, you’re just using the internet.

Out there, somewhere, your information or data is sitting on a physical computer, however instead of running a program from a computer sat in front of you, or having to look after data stored on a server in the same building, you do it all online.

It’s like Facebook when you post an update, or a photo, you’re actually using cloud technology.

Benefits of cloud POS for retailers

Using cloud technology means that the information is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and that’s its great strength.

Retailers are able to access their store and data whenever they wish, they aren't tied to a local desktop or server, a mobile device such as a tablet, iPad or laptop is all that’s needed to make updates, allowing changes to be made anytime. There’s no software to install or download and storage space for data can be expanded as needed.

Access to the latest cloud technology is another great bonus, rather than having to pay for new updates or install the latest software versions, generally, cloud-based pos systems are automatically updated, meaning that retailers are always on the newest version.

For retailers, this flexibility of not just access to their data anywhere, anytime but also unlimited data storage space and access to the latest pos software is what modern retailers like and want.

Cloud can be cost-effective

Using cloud technology for your retail business is probably the most cost-efficient method to use, maintain and upgrade. For example, a traditional POS system may incur set-up fees, hardware fees, upgrade and maintenance costs which can range anywhere from about £2,000 upwards depending on the exact requirements. 

With a cloud-based ePOS system, it is generally more cost-effective with no setup fees, just a low monthly cost and this normally covers software, hosting, support, backups, as well as future upgrades. It can work from an iPad, tablet or laptop and some POS hardware may be needed such as a receipt printer and maybe a cash drawer which can keep the upfront investment low.

Cloud ePOS and Online Shop Security

Another great advantage of cloud computing is its inherent, built-in resilience to disasters. With data automatically backed up, and information held in a distant location, retailers can be back in business just by using another piece of hardware - just log on and away you go. 

Cloud POS brings it all together

Having just one ePOS system will remove the worry and the technical nightmare of trying to make separate pos systems talk to each other. It can integrate all of your data, giving you access to consolidated information.

Retailers can view and monitor their store and data in real-time, with sales and transaction history, ability to view best-selling products, manage discounts and promotions, customer details and much more, enabling you to run your retail business as efficiently as possible.

ShopTill-e the cloud pos system for small and medium-sized businesses

How can ShopTill-e cloud pos system help retailers?

ShopTill-e gives retailers everything needed, for fast, accurate in-store and face-to-face sales.

All the modern, point of sale features are included such as full cash register functionality, touch screen or mouse, full inventory management and stock control, promotions, gift vouchers, loyalty programmes, multi till user and multi-outlet option for more than shop or location.

There's no need for large amounts of storage capacity, or powerful computers, ShopTill-e gives you everything as well as access anytime, anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection) to stay knowledgeable about what's selling and what's not.

Fast and easy to market

And with its combined ecommerce platform it also means that you can have a fully functioning online shop in a matter of minutes, giving you the advantage of being quick to market should you wish.

Free 14 day trial

With a free for 14 day trial of ShopTill-e see what ShopTill-e can do for your retail business or book a demo . If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

Sell onlinesell in-store and sell where your customers are simultaneously and with confidence with ShopTill-e all-in-one retail system . 

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