Need to work with different price lists? Sell products at different prices to different customers groups like trade and retail.

In today's world, customers appreciate value for money, deals, and a personalised approach when they buy from you, so the ability to offer different pricing, depending on who your customers are, can generate valuable sales and attract more loyal customers.

An example of this is when selling to both trade and public, the ability to offer the trade unique price lists which only they can benefit from as well as offering them different ways to pay, and for the public the ability to set retail prices but also offer special rates to certain loyal customers, as well as promotions.

Being able to offer these different pricing tiers can help you grow profits and attract new customers, whilst keeping existing customers happy too.

Here we outline what's possible...

Trade pricing made easy

Trade pricing and/or trade discounts are important and expected when selling to trade buyers who buy regularly from you and also order large quantities.

If you intend to have different prices for different customers for example 'Trade' and 'Public', your ‘trade’ prices will almost certainly be lower than the ‘retail’ price to the public.

But how can you set multi-tiered pricing when selling in-store and online?

With ShopTill-e you can create as many different customer groups and link customers to that group, and when they login they will see their unique pricing eg.

Customer Groups can be created and each customer group can be set up their own unique price list and specific selling prices can be set for each product and/or variant.

Special prices can be created for example you may have a Trade price list for a particular set of customers.

Advanced Pricing  allows you to override your base product prices (including the prices associated with variants) for any customer groups you have set up.

When a customer logs in, they will see their assigned specific pricing for their customer group eg trade will see trade pricing, whereas users who are not logged-in will see the standard retail selling price.

And if you're selling to the trade, each trade account can have their own credit limit set and you can also allow them to pay on account whether they come and buy in-store or through your online shop, ensuring a smooth, seamless transaction no matter how they buy.

Want different and special pricing for loyal customers?

Of course, it’s not just about the trade.  You may have a particular set of customers who buy from you regularly who are not trade. 

In which case, you may wish to provide them with a ‘loyalty’ promotion code to reward them and keep them coming back to you. 

For example you can easily create a site-wide discount or limit them to specific categories or products, and set start and end dates which allows you to plan ahead as well as making sure your promotions end on time.

Again you can assign these customers to your Loyal 'customer group' and assign promotions as defined by you, and this can be used in conjunction with the unique customer group pricing so this gives you the maximum flexibility to sell at the right prices to each of your target audiences.

Other promotion options include percentage discount, flat rate discount, money off promotions, spend over amount and get a discount, buy one get one free (BOGOF), or fixed price bundles e.g. 3 for £10.

Bundles can work particularly well whether you're selling to trade or public; the ability to group together, ‘bundle’, individual products and sell as a total collection, kit, or a complete package, at one attractive price, can encourage more products being bought, as well as bigger basket values. And you can track stock against the individual items and variants too.

How can you track stock where ever you sell?

Of course managing stock as it sells through your trade counter, retail shop and online shop can be tricky to stay on top of, and as a business owner you want to track what's selling where and when.

And that's where ShopTill-e can really help - where ever you sell - in-store through your ePOS till or online through your ecommerce website , the centralised inventory   is seamlessly synchronised in real-time each time a sale is made, so you always stay on top of stock levels.

Keep your customers happy when selling to trade and public with multi-tiered pricing

So if you wish to offer different prices to trade and public, have unique price lists, set loyalty discounts and promotional codes, offer different pricing lists to your customer groups, then ShopTill-e has you covered. The ePOS system (point of sale) and ecommerce website makes it easy for you to manage your prices so you can grow profits and attract new customers, whilst keeping existing customers happy too.

Save time and reduce costs with an all-in-one retail system

Retailers are able to increase their selling potential and adapt to multi-channel selling with ease because ShopTill-e all-in-one retail system takes away the time, headache and cost of running multiple systems.

It's central hub synchronises and powers the point of sale and ecommerce system, making it easier for business owners to manage and run their retail and ecommerce business. This single, unified view allows them to sell anywhere, stay on top of inventory, see customer data and view reports so they can always make smart business decisions.

The ePOS system and ecommerce platform can work independently but when combined together they work as an all-in-one solution that's been called a game-changer by our customers.

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