Why is flexible retailing so important for small and medium sized retailers?

The impact of the COVID-19 crisis on both families and businesses around the world is truly heart-breaking, and over the last few months the retail sector has undoubtedly experienced unprecedented challenges and retailers are having to innovate and get creative about how to sell their products.

Now more so than ever, flexible retailing is so important for small and medium-sized retailers, but what does this actually mean? 

The flexibility of your retail system is key; the ability to seamlessly interact between online and in-store selling.  Retailers need to be agile and adapt quickly to succeed and compete in these extraordinary times. 

For those retailers that have access to this, they have been able to adapt quickly in this changing environment, meet consumer demands, keep their head above water and also grow profits.

Don’t be limited by your existing retail system

With the numerous sales channels ie in-store, face-to-face, online shop, Internet marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, as well as social media like Facebook and Instagram, providing the customer with more ways to buy your products will satisfy customer expectations, however the challenge for retailers is not just about offering these ways of selling, but how to do it with ease and then manage it efficiently. 

Too many retailers will be restricted by their existing retail systems, finding them disjointed and not fit for purpose in this multi-channel retailing world.  Not fully understanding their stock levels and requirements across each sales channel and with little or no connectivity between each channel, is not only frustrating but extremely time-consuming.

Retailers need to be up and running quickly and easily, with each sales channel seamlessly complementing each other, to be able to understand stock levels, and support a streamlined, multi-channel retail experience.

Technology that supports flexible retailing

Implementing retail software that provides you with a central hub where you can oversee and run your multi-channel retailing will take away the headache of running multiple systems. 

Retail software that offers you the flexibility of where you want to sell your products, connecting all your data seamlessly from your shop through to your eCommerce website, to marketplaces and social channels will not only save you time but will also maximise your selling potential.

Retail software that is flexible and can adapt quickly will help you take advantage of changing environments and opportunities to boost profits and make it easy for you to manage and grow.

Retail software that allows your customer to shop in-store, online, via mobile, laptop or a combination of all by offering a consistent customer experience will allow you to meet customer expectations.

Let’s take advantage of flexible retailing 

Your POS - point of sale system or your online shop shouldn’t be looked at as standalone sales channels, they need to seamlessly integrate and work together to allow you to adapt to your changing situations.

There’s no denying that the retail landscape has changed and modern retailers need a retail system that allows them to:-

  • Choose where they want to sell and adapt quickly
  • Provide a streamlined approach between each sales channel
  • Offers a seamless shopping experience to their customers
  • Save time by managing everything in one place
  • Offer click and collect and choice of delivery
  • Offer promotions and discounts consistently across each sales channel to boost sales
  • Have a flexible and scalable approach to their retail business
  • Have an affordable, cost-effective yet powerful retail system that provides everything they need to sell multi-channel, efficiently and effectively

That brings us to ShopTill-e… How can ShopTill-e help your retail business?

ShopTill-e is an all-in-one retail system that not only provides flexible retailing but is cost-effective whilst providing all the selling features needed to be efficient and successful.

From outset ShopTill-e has been created to help and support small and medium-sized retailers who want to sell multi-channel – ShopTill-e includes :-

Point of Sale system - eCommerce website – marketplace integration – Facebook, Instagram and Google Shopping Feed – inventory management and more...

We’ve deliberately kept our plans and pricing easy to understand and are amazing value for money – you get access to all the features for each plan – we want you to get the most out of ShopTill-e from day one, so all the superb functionality is included in each plan as soon as you create your account.

Implementing the right retail system that allows for flexible retailing is critical for retailers in 2021 – try ShopTill-e 14 day free trial today or book your demo  .

ShopTill-e provides flexible retailing for you and your customers.

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