What are the benefits of an EPOS system and why is it essential for small retailers?

Retailers need to use the right technology if they are to meet the ever-increasing demands of today’s digitally connected customers.

Deploying a state-of-the-art cloud-based EPOS system can help your business deliver the kind of experience they expect...

Top 3 benefits of an EPOS system for small retailers

Improved inventory management

Accurate inventory management is one of the most important aspects of running any retail business. Managers need up to date information about what stock is held in store and how quickly it is selling.

This is where EPOS systems come into their own, because EPOS systems can track sales and update inventory in real-time, business owners have access to the information they need to keep customers informed and order replacement stock in a timely fashion.

Greater insight into customer behaviour

EPOS systems come with a comprehensive reporting suite that gives managers greater insight into customer behaviour. This allows them to see a list of best selling items, match sales with local weather reports and determine which items are most commonly returned.

This level of insight and reporting is not available with a traditional till type system. When used correctly this data can help store managers to spot trends and allocate resources more effectively.

Better customer service

An EPOS system can also be used to help improve the customer experience. With a traditional till type setup, the customer service agent is tied to the checkout. But EPOS systems can run on tablets freeing agents to interact more directly with customers.

And when it’s time to pay, your ePOS Till can talk directly to your credit card machine, instantly and securely considerably cutting the time it takes to process each sale for easier, faster sales as well as lowering the risk of mistakes resulting from human error input.

5 great reasons a retailer should upgrade from their traditional till or cash register

Save time and money

An EPOS system can automate time-consuming repetitive tasks helping retailers to save time and money. Tasks such as manual stock inputs, returns and refunds can all be automated, freeing up the customer assistant for more productive tasks.

Greater flexibility

Most EPOS systems can be integrated with a range of payment systems including Google Pay and Apple Pay. These solutions are becoming more popular with customers so retailers need to make sure they can handle payments this way.

Facilitate multichannel selling

Retailers that operate an omnichannel / multichannel retailing strategy ie sell in-store and online, can benefit from the real-time inventory control that an EPOS system can provide. A single stock repository can now be shared across multiple channels without the need for separate warehousing or systems.  

For example, whenever a customer buys an item, either in-store or online, your sales and inventory data are automatically synchronised in real-time. You don't have to worry about your ecommerce store talking to your in-store point of sale because it does it all seamlessly.  This means that you never need to worry about overselling your products or having inaccurate data.

Integrated customer relationship management

Most EPOS systems can be integrated with customer relationship management tools (CRM) to improve insight. This allows retailers to build personalised profiles of customers which can be used for more targeted marketing.

In-depth reporting

A cash register can only take payment. But an EPOS system provides a range of reporting tools that can be used to guide decision making. Reports such as bestseller lists, returns and exchanges, the busiest day of the week and more allowing business owners to better understand trends, adapt quickly and make smart purchasing decisions.

The advantages of a cloud-based EPOS system

EPOS systems can be either hosted locally or cloud-based. The type of system you need will depend on the size and complexity of your operation. But cloud-based solutions offer several benefits for smaller retailers:-


Cloud-based systems are typically billed on a rolling monthly contract. This means there are no upfront costs which can make them much more affordable compared to locally hosted solutions.


Cloud-based EPOS systems can also be scaled easily without having to upgrade hardware. This is an important consideration for small retailers knowing they can scale quickly and easily, with a system that can grow with them.

Enhanced security

Cloud-based solutions are hosted in secure data centres and managed by expert administrators. This ensures retailers benefit from best in class security without having to invest in the underlying infrastructure.

How can small retailers meet the needs of today's shoppers?

Replace your outdated legacy systems with an intuitive and customer-focused retail solution that provides a fast, accurate customer experience, as well as giving you the tools to manage your sales, customers and inventory efficiently and cost-effectively. 

The ShopTill-e point of sale system provides full cash register functionality, touch screen or mouse, ability to sell products on the go; event, trade show, etc, ability to run promotions, gift vouchers, loyalty programmes, inventory management and stock control and so much more, all included in a low monthly fee.

And if you have more than one outlet or location the multi-outlet option with unlimited users can help your business grow cost-effectively.

If you're a retailer who is either looking to sell multichannel or is already selling multichannel, then the ShopTill–e all-in-one retail system will provide you with everything your business needs to thrive in the 21st Century. 

Specifically designed to support a retailers demands for multichannel selling, the ShopTill–e all-in-one retail system includes the fast ePOS till system with a fully-featured eCommerce platform which means you only need this one system to sell in-store and online, saving you precious time and reducing your costs.  

Products and inventory are centralised and as you sell in one place stock levels are automatically synchronised and adjusted everywhere, keeping you knowledgeable about what's selling and preventing you from overselling. 

Find out more about how ShopTill–e all-in-one retail platform can support your business growth - ask for a demo today.

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