Why should I offer Click and Collect?

With the current retail environment, Click and Collect is a necessity for retailers to make the most of the selling opportunities.

At this time of year, retailers are normally taking advantage of the surge of Christmas footfall but for some, there’s no option but to close shop doors for the time being, so it’s critical for retailers to boost sales in other ways and Click and Collect can be a fantastic tactic to help achieve this.

The ability for shoppers to select this method is often the difference between them making a purchase with you or not.

If you do not offer 'Click and Collect' then you could be losing important sales to your competitors and not maximising your own.

Why do shoppers want to Click and Collect?

Covid-19 is an obvious reason in that it helps to support social distancing but there’s also more to it than that, many consumers love ordering via Click and Collect as it means they can choose their products conveniently from the comfort of their home and then pick them up from their favourite shop at a time that suits them.

It often means they can get their hands on their purchases a lot faster and quicker than if a home delivery and it’s a great cost saver too, because if you’re not offering free shipping it means they can save on any delivery fees that they would normally be charged, which can be a big bonus.

And of course, it’s all about choice – you’re giving the customer the choice of how exactly they want to shop and receive their purchases.

Cost Savings for the retailer

But it’s not just the consumer that can benefit - it can also help you with big cost savings as well. 

For example, a 'Click and Collect' service will help reduce any delivery costs that you would normally incur when sending by courier; although you will need a storage area for the items to be stored until customer pick up.

Environmental savings

Further costs can also be made on packaging as with Click and Collect there’s a significantly less amount of packaging required compared to conventional delivery and that also means it’s a lot more environmentally friendly too.

Keep customers happy

With the peak shopping season upon us, a Click and Collect Christmas is definitely on the cards and by offering this key delivery option can save you not only time and money but also keep your customers happy by providing a necessary service at this Christmas time.

All-in-one retail platform

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