Ways the right point of sale system (ePOS system) will increase your sales and save you time

An electronic point of sale system, also known as ePOS system, is a computerised system that can be used to pay for goods or services within a range of retail outlets.

It’s not just a piece of technology that you can use for payments, though. It has many features and benefits, helping to streamline your business, save time and increase your sales. Here’s how:-

1. An ePOS system can keep stock of your inventory

EPOS systems automatically keep track of your inventory and stock levels. This means that at a glance, you’ll be able to tell which products you need to restock and what your most popular items are.

This saves time when it comes to restocking, and allows you to ensure you’ve always got more of your best sellers to hand.

2. Removes any pricing errors

Ensure your pricing is always accurate and up to date. EPOS systems help remove any chance of error, constantly checking and providing real-time updates to your pricing.

This also helps you keep track of, and quickly make changes for any deals, discounts or sales.

3. Run and keep track of your promotions, deals and gift vouchers

Keeping your customers coming back time and again is always a challenge so a modern ePOS can really help with running great promotions and discounts that can entice your customers in, build customer loyalty and bigger basket sales.

The ability to track these deals and add start and end dates, as well as offering Gift Vouchers that can be redeemed at the till, all help in not only managing these offers, but also encouraging more sales.

4. An ePOS system can be easier and faster for your customers

EPOS systems make it easy for your customers to simply click and buy the exact product they need. What’s more, it’ll even email the receipt directly to them once they’re done.

With an easy-to-use EPOS system, you’ll be able to complete the purchase a lot faster and easier than using traditional methods. This means a lot more happy customers through your checkout and more customers who are likely to keep on returning and buying from your business.

5. Integrated payments makes taking payments, faster and easier

And with integrated payments it can make taking payments even faster for you and your customers.

With your ePOS and card machine integrated, payments are quicker as there’s no need to key in transactions twice, eliminates any miskeying, and means shorter queues for your customers.

6. It gives precise sales reporting that you can access anywhere

A cloud based ePOS system gives your business accurate reporting on your sales and stock, and means your data and shop is accessible from anywhere, anytime, and that’s just one of its great strengths.

You can view and monitor your shop and information in real-time, with sales and transaction history, ability to view best-selling products, manage discounts and promotions, customer details and much more, enabling you to run your retail business as efficiently as possible.

This allows you to get a complete overview of your business, allowing you to make the best decisions to further your growth and sales.

7. It works in offline mode

What exactly does that mean? The right EPOS system will still work in an offline mode, so even if you are experiencing technical issues in-store or you don't have an internet connection at your event or pop-up, your selling will be uninterrupted and will upload all your sales once you're back online, meaning you never miss a sale.

8. Some ePOS systems can integrate offline and online sales

Savvy shoppers no longer view online and offline shopping as separate, they want and expect a seamless shopping experience, regardless of the sales channel.  Some users will search for deals online before buying them in-store and they will also do this using their mobile phone, not just their tablet, laptop or desktop.

A good EPOS system will seamlessly synchronise your online and in-store sales, so whether you sell in-store, sell online, or sell through marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, it should keep all your products and inventory data constantly updated across all sales channels.

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