What are integrated payments and should I consider integrated payments for my shop?

Integrated payments lets your ePOS / Till talk to your card machine for easier, faster and simpler sales.

The sales journey is so much easier when payments don’t have to be re-entered by hand. It helps eliminate errors and makes the whole sales process faster, not only for you, but for your customers too.

Does your ePOS / Till talk to your card machine? 

If you take payments at the counter, ShopTill-e ePOS  and card payments are synced - instantly and securely - leading to happier customers and healthier profits as well as :-

Faster transactions: with your ShopTill-e ePOS and card machine connected, there’s no need to key in transactions twice, which also means shorter customer queues. 

No more chargebacks: say goodbye to manual errors, miskeyed transactions will be a thing of the past. 

Easy end of day cash-ups and easier reporting: everything can be quickly reconciled and just adds up, so everyone goes home on time. 

Happier customers: we all love a smooth payment experience. 

More benefits of ShopTill-e ePOS and Paymentsense

No contract and FREE card terminal* and if you're currently in a contract with another provider, Paymentsense is offering upto £3000 to cover any cancellation fee.

Super speedy setup - get up and running within 3 days. Paymentsense card machines come fully integrated with ShopTill-e ePOS and are ready to go, just plug in and begin taking payments. 

Integration is free - there's no extra cost for integrated payments for ShopTill-e ePOS customers. 

Accepts every major card scheme - Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Apple Pay and Android Pay - including contactless payments.

Why we partner our ePOS with Paymentsense?

We've partnered with Paymentsense to offer businesses like yours a fully integrated payment experience. One that combines advanced technology, extraordinary customer support and low rates. 

They are a leading provider of card payment solutions for small-to-medium-sized businesses in the UK and Ireland. More than 72,000 companies use their services to process over £10 billion of sales every year and it's their mission to help small businesses improve how they take card payments and make passion pay. 

And if there's a problem with your card terminal and Paymentsense can’t fix things over the phone, they’ll dispatch a new card machine to you within 24 hours. 

What ShopTill-e ePOS customers say...

"I wanted to thank you for the Paymentsense recommendation. I have now swapped providers and have my new terminal up and running. It seems a lot more reliable than my previous terminal and the fees are a lot more competitive. The Paymentsense team were really helpful and the set-up process a breeze! Couldn't be more happy."

Support, we’re here to help you

Want to know more? Contact us and we will arrange for a Paymentsense expert to contact you to discuss what's best for your business.

And if you need help to get you started, such as setting up your ShopTill-e.com ePOS and shop, taking payments, uploading products, shipping, returns & exchanges, reporting, ePOS hardware choices, selling multi-channel and more, that's no problem, our ePOS experts are on-hand to support you.

With a free 14 day trial  of ShopTill-e, no credit card is needed, and there's no obligation, try ShopTill-e today and see what it can do for your retail business or book a demo with one of our epos experts.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

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