Improve your customer retention with an effective EPOS system

Did you know that retaining an existing customer will cost you around five times less than attracting new customers? 

By investing in building great relationships with your customers, you can establish a loyal base which will always choose your business for repeat custom.

The key to retaining your customers is to provide a great product or service, alongside exceptional levels of customer service.

A powerful discount system

This loyalty can also be rewarded through personalised discounts and promotions , which are designed to improve your engagement with customers and boost customer retention. 

Our powerful discount system allows you to reward your customers without stretching your budget. Whether you want to offer a percentage discount, a bundle offer, or a discount based on a minimum spend, our EPOS system  can provide a personalised offer for each customer.

Improved customer insight and marketing campaigns

One of the main benefits of an EPOS system, is the ability to capture important customer data. These intelligent customer reports can then be used to gain detailed insights into your customers shopping habits. This puts you in a great position to create targeted marketing campaigns, which are designed to improve customer retention.

For example, you can create targeted offers for customers based on the products which you know they will love. Alternatively, you can provide promotions at specific times of the month to encourage them to visit you.

Excellent customer service

EPOS systems are designed to provide a quick and simple point of sale process. This will assist with everything from reducing queues and increasing transaction speed, to providing your customers with convenient payment options and personalised rewards.

Our ePOS system  will email customers their receipts instantly at the point of checkout. This is an excellent chance to tailor receipts to ask for feedback and reviews, which will provide you with direct insight into areas to improve. By understanding which areas of your service are not reaching your customers expectations, it is instantly possible to rectify any issues.

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