ePOS System Features

Point of Sale System Features

  • Cloud system with offline mode

    Works from everywhere on any device with or without an Internet connection (POS works in Offline Mode) if you do not have an Internet connection your sales will be syncronised once your connection is restored.

  • Intuitive touch friendly browse or search

    ShopTill-e ePOS System displays your products and categories within your till with a photo, this gives the user instant recognition, just click or touch to browse or search then click or touch to add to the order, very quick and easy to use. Search by product name or code very fast very easy. Of course bar code scanners are also supported simply scan the bar code to instantly add to a customers order.

  • Full cash register functionality

    Accept cash and credit/payment card tenders, calculates change and prints or emails receipts to your customers.

  • Multiple user accounts

    Add multiple user accounts e.g. Cashier, Manager, Admin each with different access rights.

  • Unlimited/Multiple Till Points

    Included at no extra cost with each all-in-one or ePOS only account are multiple/unlimited till points so you can have separate till points thoughout your shop floor, till points can operate toatlally independently of each other or can be linked to a common name which allows a common X/Z report for the linked tills

Product & Inventory Management

  • Complete product management and organisation

    Manage and organise your products by category, type, sale and more. Advanced pricing over-rides for product variants and customer groups are available.

  • Unlimited products

    Big product range, no problem, ShopTill-e's clever database technology can handle unlimited numbers of products.

  • Unlimited categories

    Keep your products organised unlimited grouped categories.

  • Multiple price lists

    Sell to public and trade or other customer groups with unique price lists for each customer group.

  • Product variants

    Easily add product variants e.g. size, colour (Fashion Matrix) with price over-rides, complex pricing can be applied to variants works with customer groups e.g. trade etc - track stock individually for each and every product variants.

  • Multiple tax rates

    Setup multiple tax rates/bands for standard rates, zero/exempt products etc

  • Import & export

    Quickly and easy import and export data makes bulk changes a breeze.

  • Stock control/management

    Keep track of stock levels quick replenish. The ShopTill-e ePOS system can track your stock holding so you know exactly how many items you have in stock. When using ShopTill-e's online shop builder stock is syncronised.

  • Order management, shipment management

    Keep track of everything, search, list and view all of your orders, shipments and stock levels.

  • Exchange & return management

    Track and control customer returns and exchanges assign your own defined list of reason for return and exchange.

ePOS System Hardware

    Hardware friendly

    You don't need to buy any expensive proprietary hardware the ShopTill-e ePOS system can work with your existing equipment e.g. your computer both PC & Mac with keyboard, mouse or touch screen, iPad or other tablet etc ePOS Equipment / Hardware Options.

  • Works with bar code scanners and receipt printers

    ShopTill-e ePOS system can work with receipt printers and barcode scanners.

  • Barcode scanning & printing

    Instantly scan product bar codes both to populate product skews in your catalogue and at retail checkout. Print barcodes to sticky labels to add to your products.

Promotions & Customer Loyalty

  • Discounts & sales

    If you are running promotions these can be applied to a customers order in the till at checkout, quickly and easily.

  • Powerful discount system

    Percentage, flat rate, bundles e.g. 3 for £10, spend over amount and get a discount and much more.

  • Multiple price lists

    Sell to public and trade or other customer groups with unique price lists for each customer group.

  • Gift vouchers

    Issue and track gift vouchers with unique code, set an auto expire date, optionally assign to a registered customer. Process/redeem unique voucher codes in-store (and online), vouchers can be part redeemed simply scan the bar code on the voucher at the checkout.

  • Email receipts instantly to your customers

    Impress your customers by emailing their receipt instantly at your checkout, if they have a smart phone the mail can arrive before they leave your store.

  • Professional e-stationery

    As well as customisable email confirmations a range of professional e-stationery is included - Printable Invoice, Receipt, Packing slip, Address label.

ePOS System Reporting

  • ePOS dashboard

    Provides you a snapshot of the latest orders, the last 7 days of sales, stock levels and product reviews

  • Powerful reports for business intelligence

    Sales report by date range – orders, discounts, gift vouchers & refunds. Product report by date range – quantity sold, top sellers and of course X & Z reports for your tills.

  • X & Z reports

    X & Z reports are available for each till / cash register within your ePOS system which are available to you / your cashiers.

Multichannel Retailing

  • Sell more with marketplace integration

    The ePOS system is integrated with ChannelUnity you can sell on the Internet Marketplaces Amazon, eBay, Tesco etc, your catalogue, stock and sales are fully in sync and all your orders are in one place.

ePOS System Support

  • State of the art hosting

    World class performance hosting and backup, super fast multi core processor servers with Solid State Drives (SSD) provide lightening fast performance and regular backups keep your store safe and sound.

  • Free updates

    Our core system is constantly updated with new features to future proof your ePOS system.

  • FREE Support

    We are here to help, whilst the ShopTill-e ePOS system is very easy to use we know from time to time you will have questions. Instant help is available from our comprehensive help & Support documentation. We are also available by email support@shoptill-e.com and by phone +44 (0)845 617 1117.

  • No Transaction fees

    Unlike other ePOS systems, ShopTill-e does not apply any additional transaction fees; your sale, your money!

Help & Support for your ePOS system

Our aim with ShopTill-e is for the set up and management of your ePOS Till system to be as easy as possible.

Our Help and Support section will not only show you the various sections to allow you to discover the power and flexibility of the ShopTill-e ePOS system, but also provides you with a 'how to guide'.

The Help and Support pages are designed to give you all the guidance you need, however we recognise that at times you may need to contact us. You can email support@shoptill-e.com anytime 24/7 x 365 or call us during office hours (Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm GMT) on +44 (0) 845 617 11 17 where our friendly support team will be happy to assist you.

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