Accept card payments faster and get paid quicker

Expensive card payment deals that tie you up in long-term contracts are a thing of the past with ShopTill-e ePOS and Dojo by Paymentsense, so now's an excellent time to see if your existing terms can be improved.

ePOS integrated payments

As you process the card sale, each transaction is automatically pushed from your ShopTill-e ePOS till system to your card machine in seconds.

You don’t have to key in the payment twice, the payments are processed much faster, queuing time is reduced, there are no miskeying mistakes and you get happier customers.

ShopTill-e POS

Say goodbye to expensive card payment terms and locked-in contracts with ShopTill-e ePOS and Dojo

Get a monthly rolling contract with no hidden costs.

Get next working day transfers.

Pricing - businesses with over £150K annual card turnover will receive a bespoke pricing model tailor-made to match your unique business needs.

For businesses with less than £150K annual card turnover, a flat, fixed rate of 1.3% plus an auth fee of 3p.

And - if you're already with an existing payment provider you could get upto £3000 to help cover any exit fees when you switch to ShopTill-e ePOS and Dojo by Paymentsense.

Get faster payments with ShopTill-e ePOS and Dojo integrated payments

When it comes to running your business, we understand how important it is to have a speedy service.

Dojo by Paymentsense processes payments 80% faster than the industry average, so your staff can serve customers quicker and your customers can spend less time queuing.

Accept cards faster, get paid quicker and keep trading securely - perfect for busy businesses.

Use just one payment provider for your retail in-store and online ecommerce payments

We are also pleased to announce that Paymentsense is now fully integrated for both the ShopTill-e ePOS till system and ecommerce platform.

This means you can streamline your payment processes and use just one payment provider for both your in-store and online selling.

Make the switch to ShopTill-e ePOS and Dojo integrated payments

Introducing Dojo, the next next-generation credit card machine by Paymentsense.

The new sleek design and the powerful technology is a winning combination that's designed for reliable, fast and secure payments, to work on your countertop and for portable or mobile use.

What's more, it's fully integrated with your ShopTill-e point of sale, so you can take payments faster, as your ShopTill-e ePOS and card machine are fully connected for integrated payments .

Contact us or talk to an expert to discuss further.

*Terms apply.

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