Accept secure card payments in-store and face-to-face
Seamless, fast, accurate transactions for you and your customers

Take payments faster and error-free with ePOS integrated payments

ShopTill-e ePOS system is fully integrated with Paymentsense and Dojo payment providers, which means you can serve your customers quickly.

The ePOS talks seamlessly with the card machine, so there's no need to manually enter the payment details, saving time and preventing errors.

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accept card payments
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Already have a merchant account?

That's ok, the ShopTill-e ePOS system can work with your existing merchant account and card terminals.

Looking to switch for a better rate? We're able to offer you great in-store payment options to suit the way your business operates and we could even improve on your current rates!

On top of that our payment partners are offering next day funds into your account and upto £3000 to cover any exit fees from your existing provider.

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contactless payments

New to accepting payments?

If you're new to accepting face-to-face contactless payments and are looking for a new merchant account at excellent rates, then talk to us.

Not only can we provide modern, sleek card terminals but POS hardware too!

From touch screen monitors to cash drawers, receipt printers and barcode scanners, as well as complete POS hardware bundles for your shop.

POS hardware
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Penloe multi-channel retailing customer

Want to sell multi-channel?

You can with ShopTill-e all-in-one

Discover the all-in-one retail system

POS Hardware

Looking for POS hardware?

Check out some of our POS hardware set-ups

ePOS equipment / POS hardware options

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