accept instore payments with ShopTille

Accept in-store and face-to-face payments

Whether you're a start-up business or an existing merchant we're able to offer you great in-store payment options to suit the way your retail business operates.

If you're an existing merchant and have an existing merchant account you can continue to use this with ShopTill-e point of sale, as well as your existing card payment terminals.

Are you new to accepting card payments?

If you're new to accepting face-to-face card payments and are looking for a new merchant account at excellent rates, we work with one of Europe's largest merchant service providers - Paymentsense, to provide merchant services to our ShopTill-e ePOS clients.

They are able to provide integrated terminals, Chip & PIN terminals, PDQ machines - countertop and portable - to suit your retail business.

Would you like to improve your existing merchant rates?

If you are looking to improve your existing merchant rates, Paymentsense can usually match or beat your existing rates, whilst integrating for free.

accept instore payments with ShopTille

Looking for new point of sale hardware?

With the ShopTill-e ePOS system, you don't need to buy expensive POS hardware, it’s been created to work with a keyboard and mouse or a touch screen device, then simply add a cash drawer and receipt printer.

Interested to see what set-up can work for your shop and counter? See POS hardware options for ideas or contact us.

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