Why is it important to ensure your in-store and online inventory are in sync?

Most retailers now have more than one sales channel be it a bricks and mortar outlet, an online shop, Internet Marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etsy, as well as social media - and managing inventory across several sales channels can feel like an uphill battle.

Imagine this....

A retailer who does not have their inventory in sync may allocate their inventory using a spreadsheet for example 5 in their shop, 5 for their ecommerce website, 3 for Amazon and 2 for eBay and then each time a sale is made they will make a manual update to their spreadsheet. 

But what happens if they sell more in their shop? Or if they forget to log a sale? This juggling of stock can be a constant headache and can be an administrative nightmare. And of course there is the continual risk of overselling.

Does this sound all too familiar?

Up-to-date inventory and stock levels, everywhere

However, with synchronised inventory you only need to add your total stock level for each item and each time a sale is made, whether that's via your point of sale or your ecommerce website or on Internet marketplaces, it will automatically track where the sale was made and automatically update the stock levels, everywhere. 

This ensures your inventory is always up-to-date and minimises the risk of overselling.

How else does synchronised inventory management help?:-

1) It will save you a huge amount of time.  There are no spreadsheets to update each time a sale is made, there's no need to manually log your sales anymore, as it automatically does it all for you.

2) You will be able to see in real-time exactly what stock is selling and where, as well as what's not selling.  By having access to this information means you can better understand demand, along with other aspects like popular products etc. 

3) Know when you're running low on stock so you can re-stock, on time. Low stock alerts can be set so you can replenish quickly to avoid out of stock products.

4) Having an automatically updated inventory means you are more in control.  It's not unheard of for a retailer to panic when they're out of stock and then purchase products from a more expensive supplier, at a higher rate, just to stock the shelves, however if you're in control and re-stocking inventory in good time you can source more profitably.

5) You will have access to comprehensive inventory reporting at the click of a button.  You won't need to waste time compiling the reports yourself, as it's all done automatically for you.

There's no need to spend hours on manual inventory management

In a nutshell, synchronised inventory management will save you time, avoid manual errors and discrepancies, keep you knowledgeable about what's selling where and when and will minimise the risk of overselling and out of stock products.

This allows you to spend your precious time on other more meaningful business operations and also allows you to meet customer demand with ease - imagine how stress-free this will be and how much more profitable your business will be.

Are you struggling with inventory management?

ShopTill-e makes it easy to manage your inventory and stock levels across all your chosen sales channels.

It has all the point of sale and ecommerce features you need to sell your products everywhere and manage them effectively.  Each time you sell, your inventory and stock levels are automatically synchronised everywhere, reducing your workload and improving your business insight and efficiency.

You only need to add your products once, the product catalogue is managed using a single back office area with everything in one place.  

View your performance in real-time - sales, stock, orders and more are viewed from a single dashboard.

Remove the headache of running multiple systems and use just one system, ShopTill-e multi-channel retail system. The intuitive ePOS system and combined, powerful ecommerce platform that will save you time, reduce your costs and will grow with you.

What our customers say

"What can I say? I wish I had come across this package from ShopTill-e when I 1st looked into integrating my bricks & mortar store into the digital age. It would of saved me a lot of time, financial waste and most of all the stress that comes with setting up this type of system."


"The best All-in-One Software we have ever used.  After having several issues with our old epos system, signing up to Shoptill-e was a game changer for us. This system can do so much for your business and makes a huge impact on moving your business forward. The team at Shoptill-e are so helpful."

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