Benefits of live chat in your ecommerce website

With a live chat option in your ecommerce website, you can drastically improve both your customer service and sales performance.

It's not only convenient for your customer, but if done right, you can gain sales and build loyalty from your customers.

What is live chat?

Live chat is the fastest way to connect with your online customers, it provides a personalised service that enables you to answer any queries immediately and encourage that sale.

It can often be found in the bottom right of a website and says something like 'Can I help you today?'.

Customers love it

Numerous studies have proven online live chat to be the premier tool for customer satisfaction. According to Statista 41 per cent of UK consumers say online chat and live support is their preferred channel when it comes to engaging with companies digitally.

Live chat can give customers real-time, immediate interaction, while also being more user-friendly and less burdensome than speaking on the phone to a stranger.

Live chat can help make that online sale

People often purchase on impulse, with decisions being made in the first few seconds of viewing a product. If customers can receive immediate feedback, that's a potential dealmaker.

In shops, shop assistants are on hand to provide answers, and with your online shop, your live chat is your shop assistant. It can help make the sale as a customer may have a question about a product and live chat can be used to provide details about the item as well as information about any corresponding products, available discounts and delivery options.

Chat to multiple customers at once

Another great advantage of a live chat system is the ability to speak to numerous customers simultaneously. It’s impossible to talk to three separate people in person or over the phone, but with live chat, long phone queues vanish, as it allows you to quickly answer all your customers’ FAQs.

And you can view a customer’s message before they click send, which means you are able to deal with potential purchasers and their questions, quickly and efficiently.

A truly 24/7 service

Every time your team is offline, customers can send an after-hours form. If your customer leaves their name and email address, their query will be received by the live chat team once they log back in.

Instant customer service 

Without a live chat feature in your ecommerce website, your potential purchaser has no one to turn to. They can get impatient trying to navigate your online shop and may go elsewhere. However with a live chat option it’s the fastest way to connect with your online customers; it's convenient, cost-effective and makes communicating with your customers easy.

ShopTill-e includes a live chat facility - want to know more?

With the ShopTill-e online shop builder you can include a live chat into your ShopTill-e ecommerce website helping you to connect with your customers and help to drive sales.

Contact us or use our live chat option to find out how.

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