6 ways ShopTill-e can help you manage and grow your retail and online business

Introducing ShopTill-e...

What is ShopTill-e?

ShopTill-e is an affordable, cloud, retail platform that provides you with everything you need to sell in-store, sell on-the-go, sell online and sell through marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, managing all your products, inventory, sales, customers, promotions and more, from just one central place.

Constantly synchronising across all channels, there’s no duplication or double entry of products, no matter where you sell, saving you time and keeping you in control of your retail business.

6 ways ShopTill-e can help your retail and online business:-

Inventory management
Keep on top of your stock, always

Quickly add products using the intuitive admin product screen or bulk load products using a simple CSV import. View and assess all your stock easily, track and control customer returns and exchanges. 

Features such as low stock alerts and stock replenish alerts, via email, will ensure you re-stock and never run out. Continually synchronise across your shop and online so you always know where you are and stay in complete control.

Multi-channel retailing 
Sell in-store, sell on-the-go, sell online, sell on Marketplaces like Amazon and eBay

Sell in-store or on-the-go with the ePOS system, with touchscreen and click, and full cash register functionality, it can work with your existing hardware and print receipts or send by email. You can use your existing merchant account, or we can obtain great rates with our merchant partner PaymentSense.

Sell online with a beautiful ShopTill-e eCommerce shop using our pre-designed, mobile responsive shop fronts, that can be easily tailored to match your own unique brand. Integrate with Stripe or PayPal easily and start taking payments immediately, choose shipping, click and collect, or even pay on account.

Choose the products you wish to sell through Internet marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and your ShopTill-e retail shop will seamlessly integrate with Channel Unity to provide you with just one simple area to promote and manage all your products through each marketplace.

Manage your customers
Keep them coming back with loyalty programmes and promotions

Make your customers feel special by running promotions, discounts and sales with the powerful, discount system.

Gift Vouchers can be sold and redeemed across both your retail and online shop and special pricing and customers groups can be created to run Loyalty Programmes, to give that little bit extra to your chosen customers and keep them coming back time and time again. 

Great reporting
Make smart, profitable retail choices - know what's selling and what's not

ShopTill-e shows you what's selling well and not so well, allowing you to make smart, profitable, retail decisions. 

Get great sales insights to your shop and online business by filtering your reports by date, category, products, ePOS sales, online sales, payment method, cashiers, gift vouchers used, refunds, profit margins and more.

Ongoing support
Know you’re in safe hands

Need help at any point in your retail journey such as setting up your ShopTill-e store, taking payments, understanding shipping, uploading products, adding an image, hardware choices and more - that's no problem. 

Our experienced team help retail businesses, like you, every day, and are on hand to provide you with the best possible service. 

Looking to grow?
With ShopTill-e growth is not a problem

With the ability to sell multi-channel at any time, ShopTill-e enables you to maximise your selling potential easily using just one platform, as well as being a cloud-based system which is being continually updated, with new features and processes, to help you manage your retail business with ease and grow. 

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