Ways ShopTill-e empowers retailers to save time, cut costs and propel growth

At ShopTill-e we pride ourselves from being different to other retail platforms on the market that are typically two separate platforms - one for ePOS and one for ecommerce - that require constant communication with each other.

ShopTill-e stands out from the crowd - it's one, fully integrated retail platform. No more running multiple systems and no more getting separate systems to talk with one another. 

Picture effortlessly managing your products, inventory, sales, customers, promotions and more, all from a single, centralised hub.

The ease of overseeing everything in one place; it's the convenience and cohesion you've been searching for in retail management.

Here we look at 8 ways ShopTill-e can transform your retail business...

1. Seamless Multi-Channel Retailing

Modern shopping extends beyond just in-store and just online; your customers journey is now fluid, finding products on one channel and then purchasing on another. 

This customer journey means a sale will not necessarily be made on each channel, but as the shopper moves from in-store to online and vice versa, it is vital that every interaction with your brand is consistent. 

This fluidity and cohesion is fundamental to achieving multichannel selling success and that's where ShopTill-e comes in - the all-in-one retail system that includes a combined ePOS till system with ecommerce platform and the ability to list on social media and internet marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, means you're well placed to delivering brand consistency and meeting your customers shopping expectations. 

2. Streamlined Operations: Save Precious Time

The ShopTill-e all-in-one retail system eliminates the challenges associated with managing multiple systems. Be it your brick-and-mortar shop, online shop, social media or other internet marketplaces, because ShopTill-e seamlessly integrates them all into one system, this streamlining of operations will not only lead to a reduction in administration, but also increased efficiency, minimised duplication and errors, as well as centralised inventory management, order processing and customer data management, ensuring a seamless flow of information across each sales channel, with everything in one place.

3. Cost Efficiency: Reduce Your Monthly Fees

While there will be some upfront time and energy involved in setting up your new all-in-one retail system, it actually saves you money and effort in the long run. Dealing with separate systems for ePOS, ecommerce, inventory, and customer management can rack up higher maintenance and integration expenses. However by bringing all these functions under one platform not only simplifies your IT setup but also cuts down on maintenance costs and time. 

Another huge cost bonus with ShopTill-e is that you automatically get all the features included, along with the convenience of automated updates ensuring you platform is always uptodate.

4. Inventory Mastery: Stay in Command of Your Stock, Effortlessly

Keeping track of your inventory has never been smoother. Easily add products through an intuitive admin product screen or opt for the swift bulk upload feature via a simple CSV import. With ShopTill-e's fully integrated and combined ePOS system and ecommerce platform you can monitor stock levels everywhere, track returns and exchanges, and receive timely alerts for low stock or replenishment needs. Our continuous synchronisation across all channels means you always have real-time stock information right at your fingertips.

5. Customer Delight: Keep Them Coming Back for More

Craft a personalised experience for your valued customers using ShopTill-e's loyalty programs to enticing promotions and discounts; we empower you to keep your customers engaged. Sell and redeem gift vouchers seamlessly across both your retail and online shops. You can also tailor special pricing and set up different customer groups to run exclusive promotions and loyalty points only to those groups, ensuring your cherished customers keep coming back time and time again.

6. Strategic Insights: Make Informed, Profitable Decisions

Elevate your multichannel retailing strategy with ShopTill-e's robust reporting features. Gain valuable insights into your business—know what's selling well and what needs attention. Filter reports by date, category, products, sales channels, a particular outlet or location, a user/cashier for a specific till point, and more to refine your strategies and make smart, profitable decisions.

7. Reliable Support: Guiding You Every Step of the Way

Rest easy knowing our experienced team is by your side throughout your retail journey. Whether it's setting up your ShopTill-e store, navigating ePOS integrated payment processes, making POS hardware decisions for your ePOS system software, or understanding how to set up promotions, shipping or a new online shop theme, we provide the support you need to thrive in the dynamic world of retail.

8. Effortless Growth: Your Business, Your Potential

ShopTill-e gives you the tools to scale and expand your business effortlessly. Sell your products across multiple channels -  your comprehensive eCommerce platform is unlimited in the number of products you choose to sell and so is your ePOS till system . 

You can also set up more eCommerce shops from one account and multiple outlets  if you have more than one retail location as well as multiple till points and multiple users.

Embrace continuous updates, discover new features, and leverage streamlined processes designed to make retail management a breeze, facilitating your business's growth journey. At ShopTill-e, we've got you covered!

Save time, reduce costs and grow with ShopTill-e

ShopTill-e is not just a platform; it represents a golden opportunity to transform your retail journey. It will save you valuable time, it will allow you to reduce costs and it provides you with all the tools you need to :-

- sell efficiently, everywhere
- understand your business, anytime
- scale and grow, with ease

We invite you to book your demo now, and see how ShopTill-e can be your invaluable partner in your retail success story.

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