How can you control costs with ShopTill-e?

In these times with the rising costs on the high street and with competition coming from every angle, profit margins can be slim on your products, so being able to control costs is imperative for retailers.

Using an all-in-one retail system to manage all your inventory, till, point of sale and ecommerce sales will not only be far more cost-effective than running and paying for multiple systems, but using one system will also save you valuable time when running and managing your retail environment.

And that's where ShopTill-e all-in-one retail system can help.... 

1. No hidden charges and no additional add-ons

Many ePos and ecommerce systems start at a low base price, however to use the system effectively, you'll often end up purchasing more and more add-ons, such as discount modules, email stationery, the ability for more than one user, gift vouchers, loyalty programmes, tiered prices and so on.

You'll end up spending more than you realise, and could find it hard to keep track of your budget when you need to access even more features to be able to sell your products effectively and run your business.

However, with ShopTill-e, everything's included in your monthly price. There are no additional features to buy at a later date.

Your most important admin and sales features are never hidden behind a paywall. All you decide is where you want to sell and you get access to ALL the features for that sales channel, keeping you in complete control of your budget and providing you with peace of mind about no escalating costs.

2. Reduce stock outages

It can track your inventory, watch your stock, run your till, power your ecommerce website and monitor every movement. 

As a result, you'll increase stock accuracy and reduce your risk of cash or stock losses, by being able to keep a close eye on your till, inventory and online shop where ever you are and your stock levels.

The inventory system allows you to pinpoint fast-selling items and quickly and easily repurchase them so that you never run out of the items that keep your customers coming back.

See where you're really making your money, and which items are sitting around with very little attention. Use the reporting to show you your stock positioning, promotions, and the amount of stock that you buy.

3. Seamless online and shop integration

If you've got a physical location as well as an online shop, don't worry about running out of stock.

Many shop owners find that their order online can't always be fulfilled on time, because someone just bought the very last item in-store and in some circumstances, this can cost them the sale.

With ShopTill-e, your ecommerce store, your till and your physical shops are monitored side-by-side. It's a seamless process that keeps stock levels up to date, even when products are being sold in multiple locations at once. Problems with multi-channel retailing can be a thing of the past.

4. Save your valuable time

You only need to add your products once and you decide whether you want to sell them in your shop and / or your ecommerce store. Manage returns and refunds instantly. Effortlessly launch and keep track of your promotions in-store and online. Everything is seamlessly synchronised and optimised for mobiles and tablets.

No laboriously sifting through numbers and statistics and going through spreadsheets for each sales channel. With ShopTill-e your data is presented in a user-friendly way, can be accessed securely from anywhere and allows you to see how your retail business is performing, with the information and reports, all in one place.

5 - Updates are included keeping you future-proofed

Any enhancements, upgrades and additional features will be available to you free of charge.

ShopTill-e operates on a subscription model, with predictable monthly payments. You don't buy our software outright, which means that you're not forced to buy it again for every functionality add-on.

ShopTill-e is being continually updated and whenever there's something new, it'll be automatically added at no extra cost to you.

ShopTill-e can help retailers control costs, manage their retail business and grow

From stock control and sales, to loyalty points, discounts and promotions , selling seamlessly in-store and online, and so much more - every aspect of managing inventory, customers and selling is covered with the ShopTill-e all-in-one retail system.

ShopTill-e suits small to medium-sized retailers, with each plan giving you access to every piece of functionality, as well as keeping you in control of your costs and helping to make the running of your retail business a success.

Why not try free for 14 days or contact us for a demo of how ShopTill-e all-in-one retail system can help your business.

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