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If you have a question or you are unsure how to do something, please check the support documentation below first. If you still can't find a solution, please contact us.

Quick Start Guide

After you've created your account, there are a few simple steps that you need to complete in order to make your ePOS / Till point usable by you and your eCommerce website accessible to your customers. 

These steps are highlighted in the quick start guide that you can access at any time using the menu in the top bar of your ShopTill-e account admin screen. 

As ShopTill-e will power all of your sales channels you start by building your product catalogue and adding your inventory i.e. your departments and products.

  • Add categories - All products need a home, so add at least one category / department for your products located in.
  • Add products - There's no point in having an empty shop! Add products to your shiny new categories.

If you've chosen to have a ShopTill-e ePOS you can use this immediately, to view, your ePOS screen click the Till (ePOS) on the right side of the top bar in your ShopTill-e account admin screen, however please see below receipt.

Also as ShopTill-e can power unlimited till points remember to set a name on each till point as this is needed for reporting including X/Z reports.printer set-up:

Receipt Printer Set-up:

Additional ePOS information Click here to find out what else the ePOS can do

Web Shop
If you've chosen to have a ShopTill-e eCommerce Web Shop...

  • Select template - To make your shop your own, go to the template page to add and customise a template and using Menu Manager you can control how your visitors access your site's content, don't forget to upload your logo!
  • Shipping info  - Set which countries you'll ship to and what the shipping costs will be.
  • Payment method  - It's good to get paid! Choose which payment methods you'll offer to your customers.
  • Set your domain - Personalise your Website further with your own www address link your existing domain or purchase a new one!

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