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Quick Start Guide

After you've created your account , there are a few simple steps that you need to complete in order to make your Till/ePOS usable by you and your Web Shop accessible by your customers. These steps are highlighted in a little welcome bar at the bottom of the Builder area (the admin system you use to administer your ShopTill-e) and they're also summarised below, we recommend that you accept the option to add 'sample' data  to your shop as this sets up a series of example categories, products, pages and menus which will fast track  the set-up for you...

  • Add categories - All products need a home, so add at least one category / department for your products located in.
  • Add products - There's no point in having an empty shop! Add products to your shiny new categories.
  • Select template - To make your shop your own, go to the template page to add and customise a template and using Menu Manager  you can control how your visitors access your sites content.
  • Shipping info  - Set which countries you'll ship to and what the shipping costs will be.
  • Payment method  - It's good to get paid! Choose which payment methods you'll offer to your customers.

Our getting started status bar will update as you move through the process:

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