Free card terminal and no contract when using ShopTill-e ePOS system and Paymentsense

 The ShopTill-e ePOS system and PaymentSense offer has been extended!

Offer now ends 31st May 2019.

No contract and FREE card terminal*


If you're currently in a contract with another provider, Paymentsense is offering upto £3000 to cover any cancellation fee.

If you're an existing retailer looking for improved merchant rates and great support then contact us for further details....

Why switch to ShopTill-e ePOS and Paymentsense?

ShopTill-e is fully integrated with Paymentsense, letting your ShopTill-e ePOS talk to your card machine, providing a secure link between your ePOS and card processing for easy, smarter selling.

This means faster transactions, less queues at tills, no mis-keying of details, fewer errors and easier reconciliation.

Which means increased staff efficiency, improved customer experience, a seamless end-to-end experience and improved profits.

What's not to like...

  • Superfast set up – you can be up and running within 3 days.
  • Automatic installation – card terminals arrive ready to work with ShopTill-e ePOS.
  • 24/7 UK Support – the Paymentsense support team are ready and waiting to help you.
  • Limited Time offer - ends 31st May 2019 and *Terms and Conditions apply.
  • Faster checkouts with ShopTill-e epos system and Paymentsense .

How can ShopTill-e ePOS help your retail business?

A professionally designed EPOS system  is essential to facilitate continued brand growth and at we understand that finding the right EPOS system is essential to supporting your business and its growth.

With, you can efficiently process orders, track stock, manage customers, manage returns and exchanges, offer discounts and promotions, gift vouchers and so much more - view the ePOS system features.

We're here to help and support you on your retail journey and you'll get our years of experience in working with retailers who sell both in-store and online, to offer you the best possible advice.

We're not here to sell you extras as everything already comes as standard!  

You choose how and where to sell your products

And if you're looking to sell multi-channel, either now or in the future, ShopTill-e can help you do that.  

If you want to sell in-store now with the ShopTill-e ePOS system you can, and when ready you can add the ecommerce later.

ShopTill-e is an all-in-one retail platform that streamlines your selling processes, saves you time and reduces the cost of running multiple systems.

It provides you with the peace of mind of knowing it can manage and run all your sales channels, products and customers, and its ready to grow when you are.

You only need to add your products once and then you're able to sell seamlessly

There is no double entry of products or data, ShopTill-e automatically synchronises across all your sales channels, keeping your stock up-to-date and providing valuable sales reports about what’s selling, what’s not, how and when, across all your sales channels.

  • sell in your retail shop or face-to-face using the ePOS system / point of sale system 
  • sell online with the online shop builder / ecommerce system 
  • sell on eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc with the marketplace integration

What retailers are saying about

"ShopTill-e is a great choice for anyone in retail, it has been incredibly effective in helping the business be able to visualise its performance in real time and be able to coordinate online and in-store sales more effectively. 

I would recommend it to anyone in retail."

Want to find out more?

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