Is ShopTill-e right for your retail business?

As the online market continues to grow, retail businesses across all industries are having to adapt to the current climate in order to stay relevant.

Online shopping has become 'the norm' among modern day consumers. With customer purchases via laptops and mobiles becoming more prevalent and increasingly more streamlined, it's now more important than ever for every retail business to stay in control of all its sales channels.

This presents a major problem for many small-medium sized retail businesses. Attempting to manage two or three different sales pipelines simultaneously is a laborious task, a task requiring time and effort that you could be spending elsewhere.

As retail professionals ourselves, we recognised this issue as a constant headache for many retailers out there. We decided to come up with an answer….

Introducing ShopTill-e...

ShopTill-e is an all-in-one retail platform that allows you to manage the entirety of your sales channels, customers and stock all from one central hub.

ShopTill-e acts as an ePOS Till system with the ability to handle in store purchases. It manages your sales on the various online marketplaces (eBay, Amazon) and even more spectacular than that, ShopTill-e creates an online eCommerce shop for your retail business!

With an amazing range of professionally crafted store front themes and designs, you will have your very own online store up and running in no time. Need help setting up? No problem, our team are on hand to provide you with the best possible service.

ShopTill-e is a central hub that provides you with the optimum way to combine all your sales, customers and stock and the ePOS works offline so even if you are experiencing technical issues in-store, your selling will be uninterrupted.

Whether you are an active retailer, in the process of creating new sales channels or simply want to start a retail business with as few headaches as possible, ShopTill-e has got you covered.

With a free 14 day trial of ShopTill-e currently available, order yours today and see what ShopTill-e can do for your retail business.

If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you.

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