What is Webrooming? An opportunity for retail businesses

Take advantage of changing consumer behaviour

So what is Webrooming?

Webrooming is where consumers will carry out their research via an online shop first, before going in-store to make their purchase.

Research by Google has found that three out of four consumers who find local information in web search results are more likely to visit the retail shop.

This presents a great sales opportunity for retailers who wish to connect with their consumers and prevent them from going to their competition.

And according to a study by PwC it showed that 70% of those studied browsed online and then bought in-store.


Other reasons for consumers doing their research via an online shop, before going in-store to purchase are:-

  • the ability to see and feel the product and ensure it is liked, before buying
  • to check if the product is available before making the journey to buy
  • the consumer doesn't wish to wait for the product to be delivered
  • they don't want to pay for shipping / delivery costs

The importance of multichannel retailing

These changing shopping behaviours show how important it is to provide the consumer with a seamless shopping experience and will allow the retailer to maximise their revenue and gain customer loyalty.

By offering multichannel retailing, forward thinking retail businesses are taking advantage of the benefits to the consumer, as well as themselves.

How can ShopTill-e help you?

ShopTill-e is a multichannel retailing platform that allows retailers to sell online, sell in-store and sell on Internet marketplaces, easily. It has been created for retail businesses to sell in a variety of different ways and takes away the headache of running multiple systems.

It's a central hub that synchronises and powers all the sales channels (ePOS system, online shop builder and Internet marketplaces integration), making it easy for you to manage your retail shop and ecommerce business.

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