Recent Survey - Are you happy with your current ecommerce platform?

Recent survey of online retailers said many were not happy with their current ecommerce platform

According to a recent survey by Internet Retailer many of the online retailers surveyed were not happy with their current ecommerce platform and nearly half of those surveyed said they were looking for a new online system.

The survey also found that many online retailers were looking for a "software as a service" platform (SaaS) and that 40% of those surveyed said that they would like to switch to a SaaS ecommerce platform.

What is a SaaS ecommerce platform?

A SaaS ecommerce platform is a great choice for the majority of retail businesses who want to setup an online shop quickly and with the knowledge that the website hosting, security and maintenance is all taken care of.

The SaaS model also helps keep the set-up costs to a minimum and more often than not an affordable, monthly subscription, which can help businesses with their cashflow.

SaaS providers tend to be constantly evolving their ecommerce platform and this is a big benefit to the online retailer as it usually means the whole platform is upgraded, so the costs associated with upgrades are rolled into their subscription meaning they have a level of future-proofing.

Fast to market

If you are looking at setting up an ecommerce business and want to get up and running as quickly as possible then a SaaS ecommerce platform could be the perfect solution.

For example, with ShopTill-e you can start taking payments instantly. Choose your shop front design, add your content, products, images, delivery information and go live.  You can be up and be running literally the same day.

Integration with other sales channels and scalability

If you want to utilise multiple sales channels to maximise your selling opportunities then the ShopTill-e SaaS platform makes this easy for you.

Your online shop is run from a central catalogue and has been created to integrate easily with other sales channels like eBay and Amazon.  All the inventory, sales and customer information is automatically synchronised so you can sell across the web easily and manage it all via the ShopTill-e SaaS platform.

You can also utilise the integrated ShopTill-e ePOS system with your online shop, so if you're looking at selling at an event, exhibition or festival you can be confident that ShopTill-e will enable you to manage all aspects of your sales whether it's online or face to face.  And if you're already a shop owner or about to open one, the ePOS can power your retail shop environment and will cater for an unlimited till points and an unlimited number of users for each Till.

A professional, SaaS ecommerce platform

Whether you are looking for

ShopTill-e is a SaaS retail solution that provides you with all the features you need to start or grow your retail business . 

Shop front templates, full shopping / ecommerce platform, integrated with payment gateways, ePOS till system, marketplace integration, customer and inventory management, order processing and payment, choice of shipping, promotions and so much more.

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