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Advanced Pricing, Price Over-rides for options/variants sizes etc trade pricing, custom price lists

Enabling Advanced Pricing allows you to both over-ride product prices when using variants, for example, you can add to the products cost when the large size is selected and Advanced Pricing also allows you sell your products at different prices to different groups, for example, to be able to sell to both 'Trade' & 'Retail' customers however you can have as many customer groups as you need so even if you just want to reward loyal customers; advance pricing and customer groups will allow you to do this. Click the following link for more information regarding selling to trade using Multiple Price Lists and Customer Groups.

To use Advance Pricing first, you need to enable this which is done in General Settings set the 'enable advanced pricing’ to yes and save see:

Advanced Pricing allows you to sell products with variants at different prices, when over-riding a price for a variant this will add cost to the products base price:

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