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From within the 'Settings > Domains' menu you can add your own existing domain name, you can check the availability of a new domain name and buy them if they are available or if you have an existing domain you would like to link with your ShopTill-e Web site please please contact to take advantage of our free set-up service. To add a domain click the 'add domain button to start:

Register/Buy a New Domain
If you would like to check the availability and purchase a new domain select the 'I'd like to buy this domain' radio button and enter the domain name into the field (note: do not include http:// or www.) then click the 'Check if this domain is available' button the system will then search and check if the domain is available (please note that you will need to have added your credit card information in the subscription menu to be able to search and purchase a domain) if it is you will be able to confirm the detail in which you would like the domain to be registered and complete the purchase:

How to add an existing domain you already own
If you've already purchased a Web site address/domain elsewhere this can be easily linked to your ShopTill-e eCommerce Web site. We can provide you with FREE SSL so that your site will run securely via 'HTTPS', as well as this we can also provide you with a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) which includes the added security of a basic Web Application Firewall (WAF) which will protect your site from annoying probing/malicious activity. This FREE service is excellent for ensuring your Web site loads very quickly for your customers regardless of where they are in the World, it also protects your site and provides the secure https:// connection. The FREE SSL Certificate included works with modern Web Browsers and current operating systems.We also provide totally free set-up, our support team will handle setting everything up for you please make contact with us at

Please note that you should also add your primary/default domain name in the relevant form field in the 'General' settings  page as well.

(We are here to help if you need us please contact and we will assist you then you).

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