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Kit’s / Collections / Bundles / Packages

ShopTill-e supports the selling of Kit’s / Collections / Bundles / Packages, this is when you want to sell a group of individual products all together as a package. In this case when you sell the package normally you need stock to be deducted from the component parts of the kit which are the separate individual products. 

Setting this up is simple initially create/add a new product, this will contain the description of the package and photos. You need to give this ‘virtual product’ a product code as with all products however you do not need to assign a stock holding. 

 To be able to assign the component items i.e. the products being sold in the package you need to set the ‘Collection/kit’ radio button to ‘Yes’ in the ‘General’ tab of the edit a product screen and ‘Save changes’. After you’ve saved you will see a new ‘Collection/Kit’ tab has appeared at the top right of the product edit screen:

In the ‘Collection/Kit’ tab use the search field to find the products that make up your kit and add them. If you need to you can remove a product using the ‘x’ next to an added item:

Now in the ‘Advanced’ tab set ‘Track stock’ to ‘On’ and ‘Save changes’, you will then see that the system is set to track stock against ‘Collection/Kit’:

Remember that ‘Track stock’ needs to be ‘On’ on each of the kits component products as well for the stock tracking to work. Any Variants that are associated with the kits component products will be displayed for selection when adding to basket/order and stock will be deducted from the variants.

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