Internet Marketplaces - with ShopTill-e you can sell on Amazon, eBay & Tesco!

ShopTill-e is a retail multichannel / Omnichannel selling platform which is fully integrated with ChannelUnity so as well as selling in your own ShopTill-e eCommerce store and face to face with our ShopTill-e POS retail/Till system you can also you can sell on Amazon, eBay & Tesco’s marketplace. Your product catalogue can be pushed to your marketplace accounts in real-time and sales made on the marketplaces are sent into ShopTill-e, so all your stock and sales are fully in sync and all your orders are in one place!

ShopTill-e's Marketplace integration provides:

Seamlessly integrate your ShopTill-e store with over 30 global marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, NewEgg and Tesco.

Inventory is synchronised in real-time across all marketplaces, syncing every minute changes in stock levels that are automatically communicated to the marketplaces. Marketplace sales are immediately imported as an order in to ShopTill-e, automatically decreasing stock levels across all connected marketplaces. We save you time, ShopTill-e is the single hub for all online orders. Fulfilment of the order within your ShopTill-e triggers an automatic dispatch confirmation to the marketplace, completing the process.

Using ShopTill-e's ChannelUnity Marketplace Integration, day to day marketplace management becomes as simple as managing your store in exactly the way that you do today. No more time - just more orders...

With instant set-up, no upfront costs, no cancellation fees and no long term contracts you can be up and running in minutes. Try our FREE full featured 14 Day ShopTill-e Trial and click here for your Free Trial of ChannelUnity

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