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ePOS Quick Links / Favourites bar

The ePOS Quick Links / Favourites bar can be enabled in your POS, this allows quick convenient access to regular items such as miscellaneous products, bags or whatever other products you have quick access to (see below).

To enable your Quick Links/Favourites bar go to 'Settings' > 'POS' and click the Yes 'Enable Quick Bar in ePOS' radio button. 

Next, click the 'pencil' edit icon in the 1st product row (below) and in the window start typing the name of the first product that you want to add into the Quick Links/Favourites bar. As space in the bar is limited you can enter a short name/title to be used for the button shown in the bar.

You will see there is a checkbox in the column titled 'Miscellaneous product' for your 'normal' catalogue products do NOT check/select this as this changes the behaviour for adding the product in the POS. As the title suggests this checkbox/setting has been designed for 'Miscellaneous products' please see below.

Miscellaneous products

For creating Miscellaneous products please see here.

When adding Miscellaneous products to the Quick Links/Favorites bar you should check/select the relevant checkbox in the row (see screenshot above), this changes the behaviour for adding this kind of non-catalogue product to a customer order in the POS.

When the Miscellaneous product checkbox is selected in POS Settings, when you click the quick link bar button to add the Miscellaneous Product to the customer’s order this will open the numeric input window where you enter the selling price of the 'Misc' product:

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