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Telephone Orders - Accepting Card Payments

Telephone Orders - Accepting Card Payments - Card Holder Not Present Transactions

ShopTill-e is integrated with Stripe for processing debit & credit cards, you can very quickly and easily create a Stripe account at this is pretty much an instant set-up (like PayPal you do NOT need any additional merchant  account). Stripe's fees are around 1% less than PayPal for processing Credit and  Debit card payments plus they settle directly to you bank on a rolling 7 day basis. (

Once you have a Stripe account you can use it in your website and you can also accept telephone orders please see

As mentioned in the above Stripe support page it is important to remember that there is a liability shift to you with regard to PCI Compliance when you accept Card Holder Not Present Transactions also to help try and avoid possible fraud and charge-backs/disputes you should strongly consider putting in place a due diligence procedure to help validate a customer.

You can create a manual transaction by clicking on the grey “+ Create a payment” link in the upper right of your payments page see:

Then simply complete the payment form:

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