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Accept Credit & Debit Card Payments with the Stripe Payment Gateway

Instantly accept Credit & Debit Card Payments with Stripe

Accepting credit cards for your Web Shop transactions is incredibly easy with Stripe Simply create a Stripe account at this is instant set-up (like PayPal you do NOT need any additional merchant account). Stripe's fees are around 1% less than PayPal for processing Credit and Debit card payments plus they settle directly to you bank on a rolling 7 day basis.

It’s very simple to link your Stripe account with your ShopTill-e Web Shop once you've created your account from your Stripe dashboard click on your ‘Account Settings’ Menu go to API Keys see:

Next from within your ShopTill-e account go to 'Settings' > 'Payment Methods' (see for details) and click the 'add new payment method' button, from the list select 'Stripe'.

In the first field enter a 'Display Title' (We suggest you enter Credit & Debit Card) then copy and paste the 2 API keys described above into the relevant fields highlighted below, set the 'Active?' radio button to 'Yes' and 'Save changes':

Within your Stripe account you may want to consider enabling security checks relating to CVC Verification and Postcode Verification of the cardholders address. This is done using the 2 check boxes in your account settings 'General Tab'


Note: You can have multiple checkout options all running at one e.g. PayPal and Credit Card Payments by Stripe and offline Click & Collect for example in your checkout and give your customers the choice.

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