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X & Z Reports

X & Z Reports can be run in the ePOS main screen when you are logged-in as an ‘admin’ user or cashier if enabled in ePOS settings

The ShopTill-e ePOS system supports multiple till points so it is important to set the identity of all your till points so that all transactions are tracked to each device, please make sure you register your till point in ePOS  Settings:

Note: For tax to be analysed in the reports you need to set at least one tax rate being the Default tax class 

Optionally you can set a daily opening balance/cash 'float' in the 'Settings' > 'POS' menu:

Important Tip for iOS & Android Web App users: to avoid your device holding onto old data in the background it is good practice to fully close the Till / ePOS at the end of each day, swipe to close...

Swipe to Close 
Remember to fully close the ePOS / Till app at the end of each day on both iOS & Android as this clears the app from your devices memory and when you open again, it forces a data refresh at the start of each day.

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