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Full Screen View - PC & Mac

If you are using PC or Mac with the ShopTill-e ePOS system as a dedicated till or cash register, we suggest setting the ePOS till screen as the browsers home/start page.  This way as soon as you open the browser it will start with the till screen loaded. 

Also on a PC or Mac you may want to have this in full screen mode which hides all of the browser bars buttons. This is very easy to do:

When Using a PC with Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox simply press the F11 key

Also please see - Google Chrome Kiosk Mode with Background / Silent printing 

When using Chrome on a Mac again the F11 key will work

When using Safari on Mac - Full Screen

1. Click grey double arrow icon at the top right corner of the Safari window.

2. Safari > View menu

  Click "Enter Full Screen".

To exit Full Screen  move the mouse pointer to the top edge of the screen  and in the dropdown  click blue double arrow icon.

Also please see silent or background printing .

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