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Printer setup - Header, Footer & Margins

When using a computer your Web Browser by default is set to automatically add a header and footer when printing. You can easily stop this in the page setup. The screenshots below show how to do this when using Internet Explorer, Firefox & Google Chrome.

In Google Chrome to remove default header and footer (page address and date) : Open normal chrome print something > on printer preview > More Settings > un-check "Header and Footer". Chrome will remember this settings see the screen shot below; at the bottom of the print dialogue you will see there is a 'more settings' option:

With the more settings options expanded you will see the ability to set margins and also disable the printing of the headers and footers:

Firefox controls for this is basically the same as Internet Explorer pressing the 'Alt' key on your keyboard, this will trigger the file menu, again go to page setup and set the header and footers to 'blank'...

With Internet Explorer open press the 'Alt' key on your keyboard, this will trigger the file menu see below, from this menu click on the Page setup...

Within the page Setup you can set the Headers & Footers to 'Empty' also you can control other settings such as margins etc...

For iOS please see Star WebPRNT & Print Server Set-up

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