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Print from iOS to virtually any printer, including receipt printers!

PrintServer enables wireless printing for iOS devices such as iPads® and iPhones® using their native print menu. It eliminates the need to print through apps, install software, or email yourself documents for printing. And more importantly, you don't need to buy a new printer because xPrintServer works with more than 4,000 top brand USB and network printers this includes receipt printers .

FAQs about xPrintServer® for Apple® iOS

How do I print to a non-AirPrint® networked printer?
Simply plug the xPrintServer® into your network (router or switch with wireless access point), within seconds the xPrintServer will auto-discover your network printers to enable printing.

How do I print to a non-AirPrint® USB printer?
Plug your USB printer(s) into the xPrintServer. Within seconds the xPrintServer will auto discover your USB printer to enable printing. Note: your USB printer now has the added advantage of being on the network so you can print from all your devices.

Do I need to load any apps to print to a non-AirPrint printer?
For xPrintServer Office Edition there are no additional apps needed. You are able to print directly from the iOS native menu.

How many printers does an xPrintServer support?
xPrintServer supports more than 4,000 top brand printers

See the full list of compatible printers 

How do I print from my PC/MAC? 
The xPrintServer Office Edition enable printing from a PC/MAC though Bonjour print services for simple instructions, see: 

xPrintServer Office Edition Quick Start Guide 

My printer is USB only, how can I make it work with my iPad®?
Simply plug the xPrintServer into your network (router or switch with wireless access point),

Then plug your USB printer into the xPrintServer. Within seconds the xPrintServer will auto discover your printers to enable printing

Does the xPrintServer make my printer a network printer?
Yes! xPrintServer enables a USB printer to perform like a network printer. You will be able to share the USB printer on the network so other devices on the network can print to it.

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