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Paymentsense Integrated Card Terminal Set-up

When you receive the terminal first thing to do is to power it up and connect it to the internet, then you need to do the following…

Step 1.
When you receive your terminal, connect it to the internet & power up it up then you need to do the following…

Please conduct a TMS Call to update the terminal/s:

  • Press the MENU button twice > then F3 = SUPERVISOR > ENTER PASSWORD (will either be 123456 OR 01483) > press MENU > select CALL TMS

Step 2.

After this, go to Settings > POS Payments

Enter the information provided by Paymentsense into the 2 fields:

Host Address:

Merchant API Key: Your_API_Key

Enable integrated payments sense card terminals by clicking the Yes radio button and save.

Next click the ‘update terminals list’ button:

This will then show your new terminal as connected. Something like this I expect you will only see 1 if you’ve only ordered 1 terminal:

Step 3.The last set is to then go into your POS/Till screen and at the top right you will see a new area where you can select the terminal (if you run multiple till points and have multiple card terminals you can link each till point to their correct terminal) if you click it will reveal a menu to select see:

That should be it, you can now place orders when you click the ‘Pay’ button then the card tender type in the next screen the POS/Till will ‘talk’ to the terminal and you’ll see the dialogue in this window see:

Any issues you can turn off the integrated payments by going back into  Settings > POS Payments set to No and save. The card terminal can also be set into manual mode if needed so it would operate like an unintegrated terminal with manual input.

To enable or disable Stand-alone mode:

For the Paymentsense machines to turn off standalone you need to complete the below:

Press F4
Enter your password (default ones are 01483 or 123456)
Press OFF (or ON to enable and disconnect from the till)
Press Cancel
The terminal will then reboot

To Reboot the Paymentsense machines you can hold down yellow and the punctuation button (or full stop button depending on the terminal type) if the terminal is on the base it will come back on automatically if not press green to switch back on

On the Dojo machines it is: 

Card Machine Mode
Password (6015)
Then select Pay At Counter (or Standalone to disconnect from the till)
Press the Back Button
Pay At Counter/ Pay At Table 

To reboot the dojo machine hold down the power button on the right-hand side and a screen will show where you can select reboot.

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